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RFID ID 125 Khz EM J168 Access Control Standalone Silver Case RS485 Wiegand PC Software Download


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RFID ID 125 Khz EM J168 Access Control Standalone Silver Case RS485 Wiegand PC Software Download
Model : 2021404309





Legend to photo:

1, LCD liquid crystal display 2, LED 3, keyboard 4, the reader sensing area 5, doorbell button 6, after the cover 7, the interface 8, mounting hole


One machine - "one machine" set attendance, password access control, single-door access control, read the first Chinese character display and two access control in one. Application: access control, attendance, real-time patrol, parking and so on. 
First, the main features 
1, multi-purpose, widely applicable 
   set of password keyboard, Han was the first time, single access control, attendance machine, two access control functions into one. Available with key or without key, the computer for customers to choose white or champagne. Is able to meet multiple customer needs, cost-effective next-generation products. 
2, leading technology, stable and reliable 
   output and input ports of all anti-static, anti-power shock; enhanced anti-jamming capability, anti-crash design; PCB board for a moisture-proof, corrosion treatment, able to adapt to harsh environments. 
3, dynamic definition, application flexibility 
   a built-in card reader (EM or m1 type), 2 W26 interface, two sets of sensor input, two sets of open button inputs, 2 relay outputs, one set of bell port and one set of RS485 communication interface. 
   Re-define the IO interface. Such as: W26 interfaces can be defined as W26 standard output or input; relay can be directed to access, bell or alarm output; sensor can be defined as a fire signal. 
   Online hardware upgrades. 
4, Chinese-English bilingual menu, easy to use 
  menu interface, all in English and Chinese, with backlight; display the owner's name and work number. 
  Public short message and personal short message function. 
  16 reported trouble to set points, alarm support the day selection. 
  With the clock correction parameters to ensure accurate real-time clock for a long time. 
  Both networking (up to 255 units), also available offline. Can be done off-line device parameters through the keyboard settings. 
5, the professional access control, powerful 
  control gate count: 2, the standard Wiegand 26 interface, can be mounted , Motorola and other world famous card reader. 
? Support the 2500 card holders, while stored 25,000 credit card and alarm events. 
   32 time / time group 64 / 16 application groups / 8 types of holidays / validity of the card / card password (6 digits). 
   Sneak off to do a two-tier defense hardware (APB) and interlock (only one door open). 
   Enter only the password can be set, only credit card credit card + password to enter into and support the stress password and super password to enter. 
  Any door to door remote control, multi-alarm incidents functions: open time-out, the door shut out, intrusion alarm, duress alarm, tamper alarm, fire, etc. 
Second, the main technical parameters of 
the operating voltage 8 ~ 25V DC 
Power consumption <1W 
data retention> 10 years (after power-down) 
recording capacity of 25 000 (customizable) 
control card 2000 (customizable) 
LCD resolution of 122 × 32 DOTS 
built-in font countries two character base 16 × 16 
1 RS485 communication 
Wiegand 26 interface 2 
relay outputs 2 
input 4 state 
the type of the Ji Duka EM or m1-compatible 
4-15cm sensing distance 
interconnection capacity of 255 station 
operating temperature -20 -70 
Operating Humidity 20% -90% 
Storage temperature -25 -85 
host size L120 × W88 × H 18mm 
Weight 160 grams




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