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Mini RFID UHF 860-960 MHz ISO 18000 6C Desktop 10cm Reader Writrer USB + SDK #deskuhf


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RFID UHF 860-960 MHz ISO 18000 6B/6C Desktop Reader Writrer Mini USB with SDK
Model : HJ9005S


Desktop UHF Card  Reader Writer is a high performance UHF Band ISO 18000-6C(EPC C1G2) ,ISO18000-6B Multi-protocol RFID reader, completely independent intellectual property design, combined with a proprietary high- electron collision algorithm , while maintaining a high literacy rate , fast read electronic tags can be widely used in logistics, personal identification , conference attendance systems, access control systems, security systems and production process control , and other radio frequency identification (RFID) System .

Feature :
  • Completely independent intellectual property;
  • Fully supports compliance withUHF EPC Gen2 (ISO18000-6C),ISO18000-6B protocol electronic tags ;
  • Advanced anti-collision algorithm, high identification rate ; One tag is guaranteed to be read even there is more than one inside within the range of detection.
  • Operating Frequency 902~928MHz (Can be adjusted in different countries or regions require)
  • With broad-spectrum frequency hopping(FHSS)Or fixed-frequency transmission;
  • Output Power:Maximum13dBm( Adjustable ) ;
  • Built-in transceiver antenna , reading distance 2-10cm Write distance 5cm
  • USBInterface to take power , no external power supply ;
  • Support USB1.1Interfaces, virtual serial port work,USBHassel wayAndUSBHassel keyboard emulation modeOptional ;
  • The keyboard emulation mode Output formats and parameters customizable; default factory setting cannot be worked as a virtual keyboard input. This function can be added at extra cost or choose another model from our store.
  • Slim shape design ;
  • Provides a dynamic link library (DLL) on C#, Support secondary development.
Electrical characteristics
  • Limiting values
Supply Voltage
Operating Temperature
-10 ~ +60
Storage Temperature
-25 ~ +80
  • Specification:Unless otherwise specified, taken from the specifications shownTA=25°AndVCC=+5 VWorking conditions
Supply Voltage
Operating Frequency
Effective distance *



  • Reader
  • USB cable
  • Software (download from website)

Product Attachments

View FileRFID UHF Mini USB Reader Software Kit (KL)    Size: (653.72 KB)
View FileDriver for RFID UHF Writer HJ9005S    Size: (9.62 MB)
View FileSDK V10 for HJ9005S    Size: (10.43 MB)
View FileSDK for 9005S Ver 2015    Size: (15.83 MB)
View FileRFID UHF Fast Write Demo C++ for HJ Writer    Size: (145.92 KB)
View FileUSB Driver for HJ9005S    Size: (9.62 MB)
View FileVirtual Keyboard for RFID UHF 860-960 MHz ISO 18000 6C Desktop 10cm Reader Writer HJ9005S    Size: (149.32 KB)
View FileRFID UHF Demo for HJ9005S 64-bit Windows    Size: (262.38 KB)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. what password for unzip File-1428914511.zip (RFID UHF Mini USB Reader Software Kit (KL) ? Thanks.

A. unzip password has been sent you via email.

Q. this write of UHF RFID cards? and does it come with cards>?

A. There is no card included normally, but as you asked I can give you free as sample. If we want more than that, I can work out a package for you. How many do you want?

Q. Dear Dennis I need one unit mass product development for this stage I have only $ 50. Product you offer me fits every respect except its reading range. For the the prototype I need to have a minimum of 1 meter reading distance . Best regards, hedvi

A. Now this model has been discounted to about $80, $50 is really impossible to offer.

Q. Hello! Do you have a Manual for your Virtual Keyboard for RFID UHF 860-960 MHz ISO 1800 6C Desktop 10cm Reader Writer HJ9005S ? Thank a lot

A. There is no manual for the virtual keyboad app as when you start it the interface almost self-explaining. Which part are you confusing?

Q. I need minimum reading distance 1M and Maximum cost 50US$

A. It is impossible for RFID UHF reader below 50US$. Reader less than 50US$ as up to date mostly are HF and LF readers.

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