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RFID UHF EPC Sticker Smart Label Adhesive Inlay Alien Higgs-3 9634 46x44mm


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RFID UHF Label / 6C sticker tag -Inaly flexible label Alien9634
Model : ILAY9634B



Frequency :860-960MHz,
Chip : Alien Higgs (ALN-9634)
Standard: ISO18000-6C, EPC-Gen2
Memory : 96 Bits or expand to 512 Bits
Size : Dry Inlay 46 × 44mm
Wet Inlay 50 × 48mm, ( Label Inlay are 0.1-0.2mm)
3-5 -5-7-10 meters ( show the reader the specific application environment determines the performance and reading distance )

Packaging: Available in pure Inlay ISO standards for packaging PVC cards, stickers or provide finished

Color: yellow or silver white antenna
Anti-collision : the number of cards read 30-50 per
Use:Suitable insulating material such as glass plastics , e.g. windshields, recycling reusable container pallets , etc.

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