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RFID UHF Handset Handheld Portable Reader Writer Wifi Keypad Display Windows CE #OS


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Passive UHF RFID Handset Handheld Portable Reader Writer Wifi w LCD Windows CE #handrfid
Model : OS813


Product introduction and application

RFID Uhf handset is an integrated multi-functional handheld terminal equipment, it can support a variety of types of operations, such as ISO18000-6B,ISO18000-6C (EPC GEN2). Trendy, simple appearance and button design, supplemented by lively colour, both aesthetically pleasing, and convenient and practical, RFID Uhf handheld fully embodies the essence of human body engineering;The characteristic of the software technology, make RFIDThe operation of the hand-held data collector greatly simplified.General secondary development platform, unique 32A kernel of the embedded operating system as well as standard C Language programming tools for users RFID Uhf handsets secondary development provides open, friendly operation platform.RFID Uhf handsets has strong expansibility and connectivity, large capacity storage can guarantee offline store more than 3000 The electronic tag data, and its super capacity battery can improve efficiency and persistent work continuously, can satisfy the requirement of mobile data rapid acquisition.


RFID Uhf handsets have wide application in the society, such as: the government functional departments IC Card management (drivers, motor vehicles, operation certificate, legally, construction industry working certificate, health, family planning services, individual industrial and commercial and technical supervision, industry qualifications, urban management, etc.);IC card application domain (campus, hotels, government agencies, enterprises and institutions, property management community, shopping city, public transport, urban citizen id card, etc.);The hospital IC Order a meal card nourishment;Three table meter reading; Mobile selling rice, attendance, entrance guard;watchman/Inspection;Parking meter management;Chain membership consumption;Student physical fitness test management;Children's vaccination IC Card management;Exhibition audience IC Card information collection;Tobacco monopoly management;Cassette tickets management;Electronic ticket management, etc.


Technical parameter table

  • Working frequency National standard (920 ~ 925 MHZ),(902 ~ 928 MHZ )Or customize other spectrum frequency hopping or fixed frequency
  • Support agreement ISO18000-6B,ISO18000-6C (EPC GEN2)
  • Frequency hopping way Broad spectrum frequency hopping (FHSS) or fixed frequency, can be set by software
  • Way to work Timing automatically read card and external trigger control card or software to send commands to read card, card reader mode can be set up
  • Radio frequency power0 ~ 30 DBM, the software can be adjusted
  • Read the card sensitivity Double polarization method to read card
  • Read the card time A single tag 64 aid No reading time The < 6 ms
  • The antenna parameters Built-in antenna
  • The operating system: Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
  • The CPU type: ARM9 32 a RISC frequency 266 MHZ,voltage3.3 V
  • Within thesave: 64 MB Flash ROM 64 MB SDRAM
  • Liquid crystal display (LCD): 3.5"ColorTFT - LCD 320 x240 pixel With touch screen (which can be handwritten signature)
  • The data collection: Symbol Barcode scanning engine,Optional variety of spectrum RFID Read head and other required function (13.56 M,915 mor2.4 G)
  • The wireless network:Optional a built-in GPRS or CDMA Module or WIFI 802.11 b/gWireless network card
  • The identification system: UPC/EAN/JAN,Code 39Code,Code 39Code complete,Interleave 25,Industrial 25,Matrix 25,Code 128,Codabar/NW7,Code 93,MSI PLESSEY /,Code 11,Code 32 and BC 412 Code etc.,Identify the distance: 0-300 - mm.
  • The data collection:One dimensional laser scanning
  • The bluetooth communication: optional, rightThe PC Communication or drive bluetooth printer machine
  • Infrared communication: suitable for meter reading and other communications applications (Can be customized communication frequency)
  • 485 communication We can customize:(Support interface RS485,RS232,Wiegand26,Wiegand34,RJ45)
  • RFID The antenna: optional RFID 13.56 MHz High frequency antenna, to identify distance50 mm,Uhf antenna: read and write distance:60-110 cm
  • Data backup:sd Card and flash Dual backup
  • Secondary development: EVC 4.0 MS and VS.NET 2003 or 2005
  • electricity pool: 1800 mAh Lithium battery, the longest running more than10The longest hours, standby 100 hours

  • Power consumption:
  • Communication: WIFI 1.2 W, 1 W, GPRS
  • Waiting for the communication status: WIFI 0.6 W, GPRS 0.1 W
  • Work status: scanning 0.2 W, RFID0.4 W,system 0.3 W.The backlight 0.36 W.The bluetooth 0.1 W.
  • Wait for working status: scan 0.01 W, RFID 0.05 W,The backlight 0 w.
  • System can shut down all of the peripherals power (peripherals basic for power consumption 0) and advanced power management, standby dormancy for current is less than15 ma(0.05 W.).
  • Prompt card reader buzzer
  • Industrial grade: IP54 (IEC60529), resistance to fall for1.2m
  • The environment temperature Use:20: -℃ to50℃ storage 20: -℃ to70℃
  • Physical interface:USB,infrared
  • Extended stored: sd Card (the biggest support1 gb Capacity)
  • Dimension: 202 * 78 * 33(mm)
  • heavyThe amount:300 g


Product Attachments

View FileRFID Demo Software v3.2.0.2 - 2016 (OS Series)    Size: (517.08 KB)
View FileSDK for RFID Reader OS Series - 2016    Size: (4.64 MB)
View FileSDK for RFID UHF Reader Demo 1.0 OS Series (Trial)    Size: (2.04 MB)

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