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RFID HF 13.56MHz Portable Handheld Reader Writer ISO 14443A Android Anti-shock 4 3 IPS


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RFID HF 13.56MHz Portable Handheld Reader Writer ISO 14443A Android Anti-shock 4 3 IPS
Model : HH403N


This is a patent RFID reader writer for industrial use.

RFID is a very useful new technology, a wide range of application, can grasp sports.However, for many enterprises, make the first move, is not easy.We meet here is a fate, we established science and technology museum, is to help you to complete the difficult task.

Mobile reading card equipment can be said to be the RFID scheme, a powerful tool.Every project, may be fitted with a set of.

How to say that our science and technology museum is born to you?Your doubts, my response:

Why your machine is very like prices higher than people?

Appearance is same, the parts inside the different performance.This is a feature of made in China, you know!

There are lots of different models, which model to use?

Don't think too complicated, I suggest you buy a to personally experience.How expensive!Don't!Do you have the sincerity, we are willing to, thousands of pieces of machine, welcome to try, is not satisfied, return to us.

Bought can match with my project?

With technical background of buyers, I know, of course, is not.General new RFID with home, not necessarily can understand a RFID project is complex, many sellers won't tell you, because they only want to sell machine to make money.Or no enough knowledge of RFID, help you to complete the project.So, when you decide to buy, also want to consider who can really on the scheme design,Development and useTo assist you.Otherwise, the machine to buy, or headache.

Important note:

This machine only comes with a set of simple and free card read write card application.But for most business applications such as logistics, warehouse management, asset management, access control, production management and a number of different applications, the read and write simple card software is obviously not enough.And, as companies operating and industry characteristics, basically need to build the system (or secondary development) to meet the practical needs.Please science and technology museum, an adviser to contact with us, we will understand your needs and provide suitable solutions, and help the development and development, to help your business to the next level.

System is introduced

An Android 4.2 operating system industrial support all iot spectrum and application function of intelligent handset industry.Products can be widely used in various industries of Internet of things, such as: logistics industry, power industry, product traceability, sales management, warehouse management, merchandise anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting roots, the asset management industry, and inspection tour industry and so on.In order to realize the special demand as the main target customers in the industry, flexible can be customized based on modular combination, solve the problem of customer's core, mobile Internet applications for clients to provide a solid foundation
Product advantage:

1.Thin body, portable, 148 (length) x 77.5 (width) x 27 (thick) measurements, the total weight is less than 300 g, very portable.

2,Extreme experience, capacitive touch, using 800 * 480 hd capacitive touch screen, click on a touch namely.

3,Appearance is concise, powerful, 4.3 -inch touch screen basically occupied 70% of the entire front panels, domestic only the big screen, small appearance of the machine;Feature-rich, can choose the configuration into LF, HF and UHF and 2.4 G module,Iot full frequency data acquisition, extending the powerful, can increase the barcode recognition, fingerprint identification, infrared temperature sensors, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3 g high-speed Internet access, GPRS, GPS, and integrated voice calls.

4,Lasting life, safe, 4100 mah battery design, let small hand-held farewell4000 mah, standby, 300 hours, normal use eight hours;IP65 protection design, dustproof, waterproof, meet the demand of harsh environment use.

Technology product android UHF UHF RFID handset, speaking, reading and writing specifications


The processor

The Cortex A9A dual-core 1.2 GHZ processor

Memory capacity


The operating system

The Android 4.22

Wireless communications

GPRS (built-in)

GPRS, EDGE, 4 - band 900/1800850/1900,

WCDMA(3 g, built-in)

Band 850/2100Hsupaare, the Cat. 8 HSDPA Cat. 6

WIFI (built-in)

Comply with the IEEE 802.11 b/g

Bluetooth (built-in)

Conform to theBluetooth 4.0


4.3" IPS screen, 480 * 800 resolution, High definition, the sun is visible

Touch screen

Support more capacitive touch

Indicator light

Network indicator light, charge indicator


Support the speech

Micro SDcard

Support 32 gb MICRO SD card

Data security

Product is the data security protection, in a completely off electricity (remove the battery and the power converter), data is not lost


Channel: channel 12

Receive types: L1, C/A code and carrier phase smoothing

Heavy capture: < 1 s

The latest ASIC chip;A squadron of patent algorithms;EVEREST multipath suppression technology

Error range: < = 10 meters

Navigation map

Support navione, baidu, Google, gold and other navigation map

The input method

Full-screen handwriting, half screen handwriting, strokes and pinyin, Numbers, letters, symbols

Physical interface

High-speed USB2.0 interface equipment end, 3.5 stick related plug-in interface

Camera (optional)

The rear 500 w megapixel camera with flash

The flashlight

Low power consumption LED lights lighting, emergency use

The fingerprint module (optional)

Sensor types: inductive, image size: 256 * 288, image resolution: 500 dpi

Registration time < 3 seconds, compare the time < < 0.1 s, than in time of 0.5 seconds (100)

Boomed from < 0.1%, recognize false rate < 0.001%, fingerprint capacity: 512

A one-dimensional barcode (optionally add at extra cost)

Read code system

Can read all kinds of main one-dimensional bar Code: the Code 39, 93, 128, Codebar Code, Code EAN - 13, UPC, EAN - 8, UPC - A - E, ITF 14, UCC/EAN - 128, 25, 25, Matrix ITF EAN - 128, ISBN

Read distance

0 cm~ 50 cm

Read rate

First read rate of 99% or more, the error rate of 0.01% or less, false reject rate is 0.01% or less

Two dimensional barcode (optionally add at extra cost)

Moto - SE4500

Hardware decoding, the decoding speed and error rate of 0.01% or less

Honeywell - 5180.

Hardware decoding, the decoding speed and error rate of 0.01% or less

RFID options of Modules of different frequencies ( 1 of 3 below )

Ultra high frequency (915 MHZ)

1 m.The above distance forEPC C1 GEN26 c/ISO18000 -Agreement of 900 MHZ tag reads (associated with tags and antenna)

High frequency (13.56 MHz)

0 ~ 7 cmRange for ISO15693, ISO14443 double deal 13.56 MHz tags for reading and writing (associated with tags and antenna)

Low frequency

125 K / 134.2 KAnimal ear tag


Support two PSAM card

High frequency (CPU card read)

Support the CPU card read and write, used with PSAM

Active RFID communication (optionally add at extra cost)

Active 2.45 G

Distance is 200 m, 200 m label can be read all at once

433 m

Read more than 200 m distance, distance is adjustable


Applicable to wireless network data collection

Battery performance

The battery

4100 mahLithium polymer battery, standby time: more than 150 hours, working time: more than 8 hours, ac adapter charging (1 a)

The battery standby time

After a full charge, the wireless communication function on standby, after 360 hours, can run normally

Battery charging time

Charging time < 4.5 hours

Charging time

8Hours (a charge)

The work environment

Operating temperature

- 20°~ 50°

Storage temperature

- 20°~ 70 °

Relative humidity

10% ~ 90% RH, no condensation

Physical parameters

The total weight

Less than 300 grams (including battery, charger are not included)

The fuselage size

148(length) x 77.5 (width) x 27 (thick) plus or minus 2 mm

The attachment

The standard

Lithium battery charge 1 piece, 1 head, USB data line 1

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