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Rolling Door Magnetic door sensor rolling gates garage door sensor special Magnetic iron roll


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Rolling Door Magnetic door sensor rolling gates garage door sensor special Magnetic iron roll
Model : 2015501685




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Rolling gates wireless tamper detector ( patented technology ) , compared with the traditional roll gate door sensor, has the following characteristics :
( 1 ) long battery life, the life of 1-2 years .
( 2 ) is correct , omission phenomenon , can not easily be destroyed.
( 3 ) Installation is simple , relying on the volume that comes with double-sided adhesive to the lower gate or curtains .
( 4 ) Thieves front door alarm , which can effectively prevent thieves burglary, property damage and casualties.


Works and installation instructions :
( When the door is illegally pulled to the bottom of the vertical cone is stretched in a metal body , the host transmitting the alarm detector} shutter door alarm signal by the wireless alarm transmitter, metal hammer probe body having a radio receiving function the host components. wireless transmitter installation is very simple, just paste it in the bottom of the shutter doors , so that the metal hammer the ground can , when the shutter doors filed with the emitter connected to a metal hammer also will site , the transmitter would send out immediately alarm signal , the host can spot warning , and can automatically dial the owner's cell phone alarm which shutter doors detector has a simple installation , the advantages of easy to use , no door sensor so as to install a traditional trouble is preferred shop and garage burglar alarm equipment .
Host : Direct use 220V power supply, can be installed in any place needed to receive the transmitter signal.
Wireless Detector : Should be mounted vertically at the bottom of the door moves up and down , if necessary, can be used to screw the transmitter directly fixed on the bottom door , shutter doors down, a metal hammer can be freely tilted to the ground . After installing the receiving antenna should be pulled out .
To pay attention to the correct position ; transmitter IC address code and the host address code corresponding to the right, ( factory adjusted ) to shorten the distance between the wireless transmitter and the host , reducing fine steel and concrete wall between the host and other appliances interfere with the body .


Troubleshooting :
After the deployment, open the shutter doors , the host does not receive an alarm signal:
1, check the transmitter battery has power.
2, the metal weight is on the ground can be freely tilted .
3, check the distance between the wireless transmitter and the host.
4, check the shutter doors detector installation location is correct .


Wireless Magnetic Detector
1, the working voltage : DC12V
2 , launch distance : 100-200m { open)
3, the transmission frequency : 315MHZ
4 , vibration resistance : 4.7M
5 , launch IC: SC2262

Stores, garage door sensor how to install rolling gates :
Rolling gates dedicated detectors, can be easily installed on a rolling gates . First, the \" wireless signal transmitter\" ( heaviest iron parts ) fixed in the bottom of the gate volume , antenna up , the metal can hammer fell on the ground. When the shutter doors lift transmitter will send an alarm signal. \"Wireless signal transmitter\" must be installed on the host can receive the wireless signal areas. If the host from the \" wireless signal transmitter\" too far away or shield between them , you can connect the \"wireless signal transmitter \" and \"Metal Hammer \" between longer, such as a user who lives on the 8th floor garage on the first floor , you can extend the connection to the 8th floor households , the \" wireless signal transmitter\" installed in the user's home , so that the host will be able to receive the wireless signal .



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