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Sauna lockbathroomcupboard door lock lock locknumberelectronicinductionelectronic locker lock lock lock


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Sauna lock/bathroom/cupboard door lock lock lock/number/electronic/induction/electronic locker lock lock lock
Model : 1515465856


Smart cabinet lock features:

Single or double card open function, the user can at any time according to the need to set up;

With functions of automatic rebound, do not need to install the door handle, use card to open the door, the door automatically bounce off, even if is a special type of door hinge, can be open smoothly;

Low-pressure prompt function, when the battery is lower than 4.8 V, each use card to open the door, lighting, sound double hint, at this time should replace the battery in time;

Equipped with an external power source, when the door because the battery is low and could not be opened, can use an external power supply, open the door;

Using intelligent small lock core, reasonable structure, the lock is only a spring, stable performance, gear combined movement, safe and reliable operation;

Use card to open the door, door lock automatically bounce off, do not need to install the handle;

When door lock due to mechanical damage, cannot open, can start the special way to open the lock;

Strap type or key chain type card: waterproof, moisture-proof, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to carry;

Can realize three-level management function, or according to customer request custom match card scheme;

Pry alarm prompt prevention function, locks in the illegal opens, with voice prompt waiter, prevent the loss of the property.

Technical parameters:

Card specifications: EM4100 induction card

The card read: non-contact induction

Reading and writing characteristics: read only

Working temperature: - 20 ° C - 50 ° C

Working humidity: 0-90%

Battery life: normal opened more than 10000 times in a row

Undervoltage instruction: below 4.8 V, can open more than 200 times (affected by cell inconsistency)



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   A photo, our shop all the goods are or manufacturers to provide pictures, because every computer display different factors, such as the configuration of the hard to avoid have off color, so the color difference can not be reason for return.The color difference is very mind buyers please buy cautiously after careful consideration!Please see the specifications of the products, materials, etc, due to their own wrong, buy the wrong product, our shop is not responsible for anything.

    Second, our model to the delivery, it is recommended to use pay treasure!No pay treasure friends please contact the shopkeeper, will remit money to the account specified, your shipment.

    Three, to sign for the goods, please when the delivery or logistics staff face inventory goods (friends, relatives, mailroom collecting the same as you I sign for it), such as discrepancies or damaged, please refuse to sign for the first time to contact the shopkeeper.If you sign for it, represents the number of consistent, items condition.Sign for question again after our shop will not be responsible for!Please understand!

   Four, such as products have quality problems or wrong goods board, please contact us within 2 days after receiving the shopkeeper, consultation, exchange.Need to return the goods, must be on the premise of not affect the second sales, our shop for replacement (except for quality problems).

   Five, please confirm payment within 48 hours after receiving, evaluation, without proper reason to refuse payment or payment is not evaluation we will reserve the right to complain to taobao.

Six, because this shop all commodities are priced direct selling, the customer is more, it is out of stock.In case of shortage of two to four days will be delay shipment.Be badly in need of the goods or very mind of the buyer for the delivery time, please to shoot after consulting the shopkeeper.


1."Tong express: guangdong provinceTen yuanThe renewed heavy2yuan/ kgFirst, zhejiang, jiangsu, Shanghai, Hong Kong and heavy10yuan/ kgThe renewed heavy8yuan/ kg,2-3On the arrival of the goods;The first heavy in other districts12yuan/ kgThe renewed heavy10yuan/ kg,3-4On the arrival of the goods;Tibet/xinjiang/heilongjiang/Hainan remote areas such as the first heavy15yuan/ kgThe renewed heavy12yuan/ kg;

2. EMS /Motion: the first heavy22yuan/ kgThe renewed heavy12yuan/ kgTibet,/xinjiang/heilongjiang/Hainan remote areas such as the first heavy25yuan/
1 kgThe renewed heavy20yuan/1 kgAccording to the receiving distance and weight adjustment.3-6The arrival of the goods.


3. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions based on the actual freight charge, theracket please consult

4.Can be delivery according to customer designated Courier company, the specific fees in accordance with the designated Courier company charge standard


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