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Smoke Detector fog alarm stand-alone GB-2288


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Smoke Detector fog alarm ( stand-alone ) GB-2288
Model : 2005118308


Product Name: smoke alarm ( stand-alone )GB-2288

The Independent 9V sensitive detectors can detect smoke , when the smoke concentration exceeds the limit, the alarm sound and light detector launched

1 , manual testing, automatic reset
2, the ion sensor
3, LED indicate alarm
4 , ultra-thin design
5 , environmental adaptability
6, SMT manufacturing process , stability
7 , dust , pest control, anti- white light interference design
Independent smoke alarm
Suitable for home , shops, dance halls, warehouses and other places of the fire alarm . With high sensitivity, stable and reliable , low power, rugged beauty , easy to use features , self-test circuit and power supply can also be simulated alarm test . Performance : Alarm sound : 85 dB. Power supply : 9V laminated battery. Ambient temperature: minus 10 degrees to 45 degrees above zero . Humidity: Less than 95% RH. Static current : less than 15 mA . Battery life: a year of carbon zinc batteries , alkaline batteries three years. Features: Automatic detection once every 1.67 seconds , if the smoke alarm. 1 per minute self-test battery voltage , battery runs out before a sustainable 30 days prompt per minute. Weekly only on a test button to check the alarm function fully . When protected areas have smoke alarms alarm , the indicator flashes quickly and issued a hasty \" chirp \" sound. There are networking, separate two kinds.

Fire process generally associated with the fire smoke , heat, light of three combustion. In the early fire, due to the lower temperature , the material is more than smoldering stage, so a lot of smoke . Smoke is one of the important features of the early fire , smoke fire detector capable of visible or invisible smoke particles generated response , and an alarm to help people find and notify the fire and reduce losses.

Operating voltage : DC9V battery
Static current : ≤ 10uA
Alarm current : ≤ 15mA
Working temperature : -10 ° ~ +50 °
Humidity : ≤ 95% RH
Alarm: site alarm / LED indication alarm
Monitoring area: 20 m2
Sensitivity Level : 1
Alarm output: relay output ( normally closed )
Dimensions : Φ107 * 35mm

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