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Supporting wireless burglar alarm using wireless independent gas gas detectors


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Supporting wireless burglar alarm using wireless / independent gas gas detectors
Model : 2009502578


The detector uses a dedicated chip intelligent control, self-testing , stable and reliable , enabling sound and light alarm , a variety of signal output can also be used independently supporting the use of the control system .

 technical parameters :

□ Model : RQ-01-L / W ( wired and wireless compatible )

RQ-02-W ( wireless type )

□ Power supply : AC 220V

□ Static power consumption : \u003c1.3W

□ Alarm Power consumption : \u003c1.7W

□ Use environment: Temperature : -10 ° ~ 45 °

Humidity: 30% ~ 90%

□ Alarm concentration:

Natural gas : 10 ~ 25% LEL

Liquefied petroleum gas : 10 ~ 25% LEL

City gas : 2 ~ 5% LEL

□ Use: super- concentration of natural gas , city gas , LPG and other combustible gases make reliable alarms , can be widely used in various occasions the family , gas stations , coal and so on.

▉ application installation :

□ installed according to the proportion of gas detectors

Natural gas, city gas : its lighter than air , will be suspended from the ceiling , so the alarm should be installed below the ceiling 0.3-1.2 meters away from the gas source radius of 1.5 meters suitable place within .

□ LPG: because it is heavier than air , will be deposited at the end of depression place , so the detector should be installed in the ground 0.3-1.2 m , 1.5 m from the appropriate place within the gas source radius.

     □ Installation note :

◇ not being on the stove fumes, vapors ;

◇ Do not install in a well ventilated place ;

◇ Do not be shielded blocking curtains or cupboards ;

◇ Do not install in a bathroom at a greater water vapor .

□ external terminal line instructions

◇ yellow line : public side

◇ white line : normally closed contact

◇ Green Line : normally open contact

□ When the detector and control system supporting the use , press the test button on the detector so that the detector alarm and control system of codes.

▉ Guide

□ preheat state

RG-02-W: turn AC220V, this time the green light flashes , indicating that the detector is in the warm-up state

RG-01-L / W: turn AC220V, this time the red indicator light flashes green indicator light , indicating that the detector is in the warm-up state.


□ monitoring status

RG-02-W: about 3 minutes later, the green indicator light , indicating that the detector is in the monitoring state.

RG-01-L / W: about 3 minutes later, the red light is off , the green indicator light , indicating that the detector is in the monitoring state.

□ alarm status

When the ambient concentrations in the gas concentration reaches the alarm , the red indicator light flashes , shortness buzzer sounds .

□ recovery status

When the environment to reduce the concentration of the gas concentration below the alarm , the red light is off, the buzzer stop chirping .


□ alarm processing

When the detector alarm ( red light flashing, buzzer call ) , you should immediately make the following treatment:

◇ gas pipeline off the main valve or bottled gas main valve ;

◇ open all doors and windows to let the gas exudes outdoor ;

◇ Do not touch any electrical switches indoors : Plug , telephone, doorbell ;

◇ Do not use matches or lighters , extinguish all fires ;

◇ Do not use fire test leak sources ;

◇ Do not cut off the power detectors , gas leak after the disappearance , the detector will automatically stop the alarm ;

◇ Check gas leak causes and promptly notify the gas supplier , professional maintenance.


▉ testing and maintenance

□ Press the test button to test and maintain more than 2 seconds , the detector will send a clear, crisp sound the alarm , the red light flashes, can also be used to detect flammable gas is injected into the cavity, three seconds ringing loud pulsating alarm signal , which means the detector is working properly. ( Every week to do a test to ensure the reliability of the detector )

□ Easy Maintenance

Required every six months to ensure a good time to clean the detector efficiency , first turn off the power , then a soft brush can swipe the dust , then power up .

□ Caution:

◇ not use chemical sprays directly Cleaning

◇ Do not use in the vicinity of the detector with a pungent odor substances, such as hair sprays, pesticides , paints , adhesives, lots of wine, etc.

◇ Do not use water to flush or allow water to enter the detector

◇ Do not throw any of the detector , drop, disassembly decomposition

◇ User Information

The original replacement product for three months , one year warranty and lifetime maintenance.


Installation instructions:Between the host and each detector without connection, do not damage your home interior decoration ; easy to learn installation, instructions included a look that will ; We commissioning of various parameters good parts before shipment to make sure you when foolproof installation .

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