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USB real-time acquisition card four notebook dedicated four road acquisition card


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USB, real-time acquisition card four notebook dedicated four road acquisition card
Model : 1292620636


Detailed parameters

USB interface input

Video input 4 road
Audio input 4 road
Image output VGA 1 road, the main display output
The frame rate of 100 frames per second (PAL), 120 frames per second (NTSC)
The video frame rate of 100 frames per second (PAL), 120 frames per second (NTSC)
Compressed format MPEG4
Display resolution 1024 * 768 * 1280 * 1024 * 900640 * 1280 480/352 240 (NTSC);704 x 288 x 576/352 (PAL)
Video backup hard drive, ZIP, USB disk, CD - R/W
Four video mode to work work mode: manual, timing, video recording,
Motion detecting, sensors, alarm, each road can be set up separate work schedule
The remote transmission of TCP/IP protocol
Transport port usb
Support for remote monitoring network way, supports Internet explorer browser, dynamic DNS
System support: xp, 2000200, 7 (32-bit and 64 - bit platform)
Note: the default user name and password are admin
Product list
Color box packaging
Acquisition card 1 piece
Drive disc (including drive monitoring software)
Along with the card's own tail line!
Compatible with: amd and Intel platform
Software features:
Video scheduling model
The user can choose at any time of day to video and select video mode, such as video motion detection mode, manual mode and scheduling model.
Motion detection mode
Motion detection area is adjustable, and each channel can be set up 16 most areas.Users can also adjust the movement of each channel detection sensitivity.In this mode, the system will only on the detected movement rate exceeds the sensitivity of the user Settings to the video, and stop the video after the user setting time.So when detect no movement, save disk space will be very effective.
Loop video mode
Users can set the order of the videos stored in hard disk partition.When a hard disk partition space is used up, the new video will be stored to a partition.When all partitions are used up, and start the cycle video mode, the earliest recorded data will be covered by the new data.Users can set the alarm of hard minimum space.The current hard drive space is less than the set of values and no start the cycle video mode, the video recording will stop automatically.
P.T.Z control function
This function supports many protocols.Users can control many kinds of speed yuntai, including transverse longitudinal P.T.Z equipment, zoom, focus, aperture adjustment.Support the default point and automatic reconnaissance.
Preview users to manage different users have different permissions, user name and password, so to ensure the system security.
Multi-channel display support multi-channel, full screen display and automatic flip.
Watch dog function when SuperDVR or Windows system have no response, Watch dog will restart the computer and automatic login SuperDVR system.
A computer support 1 block of the model, high frame rate of 25 FPS (NTSC) and maximum 4 channels.
320 x 480 x 240 and 240 (NTSC), 352 x 352 resolution.?Each channel can change the color of the image attributes, including the contrast, brightness, hue and saturation.
MPEG4 compressed format, minimize the use of hard disk space.
Powerful video playback function, including play, pause, stop, fast forward, single frame and clips and so on.
Support advanced search mode.The user can through the time date, channel number and video mode all combinations of the three conditions to search.
Support a specific time date video file backup of certain channel number.
Through the software upgrade easily extended system function.
Support multiple languages, including Chinese (traditional), English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and other custom language.
Through advanced technology to save CPU and memory resources.
Through the local area network, corporate intranets and the Internet for remote monitoring and P.T.Z control.
Support video alarm.
Support the buzzer alarm output and E-mail.
When using NTFS partition can reduce disk fragments.
System requirements
USB: 2.0
CPU: Intel P4 or Celeron 1700 MHZ (or above)
Main: Intel 845/865/915 series
Hard disk: 80 gb or more
Memory: 256 MB and above
Graphics: GeForce2, GeForce4 FX5200, ATI Rage128
Operating system: Windows 2000 (SP4) / 2003 (SP1)/XP SP2 (above)
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