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VGA off color VGA line turn 3 rca line turn VGA AV line is 1 5 meters


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VGA off color VGA line turn 3 rca line turn VGA AV line is 1.5 meters
Model : 2021387636



15 PIN plug type: D - SUB male plug - 3 RCA male plug
Length: 1.5 m

Product use:

Apply from VGA video output interface to the off color video signal transmission of the interface.

Product features:

1, plug gold plated contacts have strong conductivity, can effectively reduce the loss of data transmission, avoid to produce the error signal.
2, use ul 26 awg twisted conductor tin plating copper, tricolor signal independent block structure, reduce the interference and guarantee the high-speed data transmission.
3, wire outer shield used aluminum foil and high tin copper woven mesh, and wires to join a special radio frequency cut-off device, effective isolation EMI/RFI electromagnetic interference, so that in the different working environment exert its best definition video effect.

Product features:

This cable is widely used in VGA (video graphics array) conversion and color component signals transmission, suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment of D - 15 pim SUB/RCA interface, such as computers, hd DVD and projector, high-definition digital TV, home appliance equipment such as projectors, plasma TV cable.

About the use of VGA color conversion line added

If you are on a DVD of VGA output to the TV interface color, so this line are all compatible, if you are using a computer display card output to the TV, please you must follow the steps below:
1, the display card compatibility: due to series of nVIDIA graphics card with the TV off color input compatibility is not so good, so you must use ATI display chip of the display card, ATI officially listed can support YPbPr signal output graphics models have a Radeon hd 8500 and Radeon hd 9500 and Radeon hd 9600 and Radeon hd 9700 and Radeon hd 9800.(I also use X300, X600 display card through the test, can through the computer VGA output to the TV set three color difference)
2, ATI graphics CARDS, must use the corresponding patch should be shown in display properties YPbPr signals options, 3, if you install a good patch after the restart, graphics control into the interface should be able to see a YPbPr options, the next is first to make sure that your desktop resolution of 1280 x720 (720 x1080 choose 720 p output) (1080 I) output.If you can't choose 1920 x1080, surface in the monitor option card, please remove the hidden format is not supported, "of course, pay attention to the first lower refresh rate and see if your monitor support such high resolution, or simply turn off the monitor.(some graphics boards have DVI, and VGA interface output, double all lose, also can only output a, can press the corresponding hotkeys to switch, in order to facilitate debugging, you can use the DVI display, VGA color line from the TV, adjust good resolution and then press hotkeys to switch to normal output to the TV set)
4, if you need detailed modification method, through the search engines to use "ATI output YPbPr signals" keyword search to find similar Settings

Applicable equipment: high-definition player [hd broadcast equipment with corresponding common interface] turn high-definition digital TV, plasma TV, LCD TV, etc.

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