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Welding cap welders goggles auto darkening welding tool welding mask welding glasses goggles hat helmet


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Welding cap welders goggles auto darkening welding tool welding mask welding glasses goggles hat helmet
Model : 1772143098



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Welding the cap described below :


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8 mask for the new design, housing material resistant to high temperature , corrosion-resistant , flame retardant , soft, opaque , high strength and durability.

9 prior to soldering and welding process can clearly see the work , and the resulting quality and efficiency ;

10 protection against infrared / ultraviolet whole process ;

11 auto-darkening filter with 2 AAA batteries ( battery models ) or solar + lithium battery , can greatly extend battery life .

12. Quality LCD films, multilayer interference filter to provide you with a clear vision , UV , infrared radiation up to 99.98%

13 suitable for TIG, MMA, MIG / AMG, plasma cutting machine, welding and other welding modes , in addition to laser welding

14 large mask space , safety structure

15. Suitable for high temperature welding operation

16. Fireproof waterproof, fire-retardant material mask shell

17 . Applicable 5 amps to 600 amps of welding

18. Using Swiss filter

19 blackness can be adjusted

20 Different colors to choose from

21 very economical price buyers read you are going to shoot a new welding with protective cap - auto-darkening welding mask ; you need to use it to filter out the red / ultraviolet light emitted by welding to protect your eyes , and you need it to liberate your hands , thereby reducing dead time welder , save power and improve your work efficiency and quality ; it is composed of two 7 battery-powered , can be replaced !

      7 new headband design , can be easily fixed welding cap on his head , the headband can be adjusted according to the size of their own head type size , suitable for all types of people wearing head ;

8 It can be widely used in the current mainstream welding - manual welding , arc welding , spot welding, arc welding , carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding , plasma welding , cutting, etc.



1 , remove the protective film cartridge inside and outside surfaces of the frame ;

2, not from welding, windows transparent state , the workpiece can be clearly seen , arcing moment , Windows automatically darken when welding is stopped , went back to the window transparent state .

3, according to the size of the welding current and welding of different regulatory Shade knob to select the appropriate shade number ;

4 , adjust the headband : a, first turn the headband, headband adjustment knob at the back of the head so that the position ; hand pressure while adjusting knob counterclockwise rotating head thing , you can relax headband size , and vice versa narrow ; b, adjust the head frame body positioning holes to adjust the headband to scratch the top of the vertical position of the eye ; c, loosen the nuts on both sides of the ears , face masks can be moved around the elongated hole headband moves to regulate the distance from the eye to the window ; d, adjust film can fine-tune the positioning perspective window.


Use household cleaning detergents Cabo frame with box ; with a paper towel or a clean cotton cloth dipped in detergent to clean up stains Ex box frame ; Do not pour the detergent directly on the frame box ; do not come with corrosive , solvent or oil diluted detergent ; do not frame box immersed in water or other liquids. · Headband with a mild detergent ; • Do not slam the filter sheet directly

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