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Wireless miniature surveillance cameras monitor Mini miniature infrared camera home surveillance camera


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Wireless miniature surveillance cameras monitor Mini miniature infrared camera home surveillance camera
Model : 1774348376



The latest single-chip embedded video monitoring system , set video, simultaneous recording , infrared night start , photosensitive induction loop recording and other functions , and traditional analog surveillance AV compared with simple installation ( no need to pull strings construction ) , operation convenience ( ie plugged in to work ) , video data search simple features ( according to the time named video files ) , can be widely used in shops, ordinary facade , buildings, streets , family and other monitoring range .



Plug the power cord directly monitor the work can be carried out , the built-in memory , set the synchronous recording function, loop recording function in one. Easy to use, quick to install ! Without wiring - can be used in home shops warehouses, stores. Operation is very simple and easy


This product is the latest upgrade features: Camera range has been moving object . DVR default 30 frames per second . Range of objects moving on the camera automatically adjusts the occasional 15 frames per second , the camera range of objects resting conditions and automatically adjusts a second. So more time to save memory space to save much longer


Simple Features: DVR host small plug TF card , plug in the power section of the default 30 minutes to save the voice recording synchronized video images , the card is full automatic cycle delete the previous file save format to 3GP format can also be plugged directly into the computer to watch cell phone watch, convenient and simple addition can also be set by the length of recording time with the software to display the time and other functions can also be equipped with a suction cup bracket to do with the restaurant car recorder mobile power applied to the area without power


● This product is an intelligent digital video recorders, monitors currently on the market is the traditional (camera+Video capture card+ DVR) In order to achieve the function without saving the image with a recording function , and the product can complete the work , is a fool-operation energized start video recording .


● AdvancedLEDInfrared light with a unique display technology, infrared light source evenly distributed night vision without vignetting.LEDEffective life of the lamp of up to20000Hours.

● The camera and infrared light is completely isolated , effectively solve the fog and astigmatism .

● Product working modes24Real-time monitoring, can easily be changed by configuration files.

● Built-in lithium battery , ensure that in case of a sudden power failure without losing image. Thus avoiding the sudden loss of power led to important images .

● Easy to install , no wiring professional traditional analog cameras , only need to provide power to

● Ultra-low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.


Environmental evening shooting video download :u.115.com/file/e65qkvma

During the day shooting video downloads daily environment :u.115.com/file/dn1f28wa

Pitch-dark environment video screenshot


Ordinary daylight shooting environment



Operating Instructions 

6.1The default boot24Real-time monitoring,Connect an external power supply, the product has an external power supply intelligence detected automatically after video surveillance . Every 30 minutes kept for a loop recording. Card filled automatically deleted earlier. Save the date

6.2Stored image

When unplug the external power supply, built- in lithium battery power is detected pulled intelligent video storage , built-in high capacity battery power to ensure that the image will not be damaged image files. Recorded video file is named :0605122648(06Month-05Day ,12Point26Point48Seconds ) , user quickly find the time to look at the video .

6.3Video playback

When connected to a computer , displays a removable disk , you can search the video playback at any arbitrary time period.Make sure you have installed the relevant player software ( recommended to use wind and thunder audio and video playback ) . After connecting a computer , double-click to open the removable disk , enterVIDEO RECORDSelect the video clip with imagesVideo images should use the appropriate player software can play or copy files out to play more directly on the computer .

6.4Set Time Machine System : In order to correctly display the date and time of recording real-time video process , set the date and time on the instructions detailed look at the software is equipped with a video camera connected to a computer CD-ROM

Use CD-ROM software can set the time motion detection video resolution , etc.

6.5DifferentflashAbout the capacity of the corresponding recording time , recording the actual size and the environment under the table is just a reference to a great relationship , the specific time according to the actual situation :




VGA (640 * 480)Video

CIF (352 * 288)Video



16-18 hours


No card standardClick here to buy cards




No card standardClick here to buy cards

The vehicle can also be equipped shop universal suction cup holder. Can be mounted on a vehicle made of glass with a tachograph

The shop is equipped with mobile power orMake use of car monitors


A full set of accessories are as follows : The host Chargers mounting screws manual warranty card reader software CD









Microcomputer processor

ARM9 32-bit

Operating system

Embedded Systems




Signal System

Digital Signal


VAG (640 * 480) / CIF (352 * 288)

Minimum illumination





Auto White Balance , Auto Backlight Compensation


Standard : 3.6mm Angle 95.5 .

Audio frequency

Full record

-38dBFidelity recording



Weather monitoring

HD camera

High -resolution 1/4 "CMOS image sensor

Clock Adjustment

Support real-time clock adjustment

Support flash



Built- in lithium battery 150MA sudden power file will not be lost

Night Vision

Night vision

Using the latest photographic technology photosensitive , 24 LED lights night vision 15 meters


Angle of rotation

120 -degree full- swing

System Requirements

System Configuration

win98 SE/ME/2000/XP/vista/win7Systems



Scope: family , meeting records, monitoring records , network video, driving records , etc. Applications: offices, enterprises, supermarkets , schools and other public facilities need to be monitored .



Plastic housing

Power Supply


Operating Temperature

Minus 10 degrees -60 degrees


95% RH




CD English manual , power supply, mounting screws reader


1 All product images are taken in kind , because the different sections of the extent of the display monitor , with each person . Shades of color perception are different , the color is inevitable that some goods , all goods are to prevail in kind , please picky commodity component material buyers to consider before the baby photographed Ay !

2 captured goods , please as soon as possible in order to pay . Exceptional cases please agreed payment time past due more than 48 hours non-payment or contact the shop will close the transaction ! Buyers avoid impulse buying baby photographed in determining in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

3 on the baby carriage insured : store default is not insured , if you want to buy for your baby insured , please communicate with the store first before payment , thank you !
After-sales support services :

1 - If you receive a pro who are not satisfied with something , please directly contact and we will properly resolve and give you an answer. Parents who do not communicate through `` on random to us Poor ~ bow ..

2 Where the goods from the company out of a seven-day rate of appreciation of seven days and commodities have the original packaging and other accessories to keep the status quo when the sale is complete that does not affect the second sale , we will provide a replacement or return service. Note : all freight borne solely by the buyer.

3 I Taobao shop in the sales of products are low-profit products, seven days before the issue back to the buyer is responsible for issuing postage occur , the seller is responsible for issuing postage back , 7 days after receipt of products if quality problems , warranty round-trip travel expenses paid by the buyer , do please understand !

Logistics details:

1, because online sales are small profits ! If you purchase more items , or may be more than the first weight , and issues related to shipping and freight marked differences arising appear , please try to communicate with us in advance , negotiated settlement ! Otherwise I companies have reserved the right to a refund and not shipped ! hope you can understand!

2 . General . Shipped the same day MOD Monday to Sunday normal delivery. Large holiday discretion. Arrival times vary , usually 1-3 days.

3 Now the domestic development of the logistics system is not very built whole . QOS many different courier companies in the will of man , especially the quality of individual regions of different salesman ? , So different and delivery speed and attitude , but also please parents who `` Do not express problems attributable to us, we are committed to understanding first : ! long as it is our problem, we will brave assume their own responsibility !

4 Where goods sent from this shop are qualified through the test of time , the buyer need to sign for the goods in person to open the package to verify that the product if there is a serious distortion and even the packaging is damaged, be sure to double-check ( such as your receipt when the tape was found where the package has been damaged or packaging severely damaged, deformed, please refuse to sign and promptly notify us and we will courier or postal service and negotiate deal . ) problems arise once the sign shop forgive takes no responsibility !

OUR goods direct selling, the price is the lowest , but the quality is guaranted.

*** Welcome visit our officlal website www.security-warehouse.com for most up-to-date product information, manual and software download, knowledge sharing and industrial news. SECURITY-WAREHOUSE.COM is committed to provide professionalism to maximize our clients purchase satisfaction. ***

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