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YB-600 NO intelligent rugged Bolt Lock NO


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YB-600 NO intelligent rugged Bolt Lock (NO)
Model : 1089826118


Product parameters:

Security Type: Power automatically locked
Lock Size : Length Width 260x 30x thickness 48 (mm)
Short board Size: 100x 25x wide thickness 2.7 (mm)
Cnder Dimensions : 16mm diameter protruding length x16mm
Working voltage : 12VDC +10% range
Starting current : 950mA ( instant start )
Operating Current : 150mA ( fully locked )
Solid Bolt : Stainless steel polished to withstand the impact of 2000kg
Chosen door type : heavy doors , glass doors , metal doors, wooden doors
Delay function : 0/3/6/9 seconds adjustable
Signal Output : Door status signal output NO, NC, COM contacts
Lock body surface temperature: Low
Door magnetic induction distance : 8mm
Ambient temperature : -10 ~ +25 ° (14 ~ 131F)
Ambient Humidity: 0 ~ 90 % relative humidity
Electric lock Durable Design : Professional electromagnetic material design , durability 500,000
Panel material design : high-strength aluminum alloy, Japan crushed grain processing
Supporting the use of stents : ABK-600 ABK-601 ABK-500 ABK-700
Product weight : 1.436kg


Photoelectric control technology to prevent mechanical failure
Ultra-low temperature design , safer and more durable
Ultra-low -power design , more durable and more environmentally friendly
500,000 times Power locks durability
Built-in reverse current prevention device (MOV)
Intelligent single-chip configuration, the three current applications
High-strength aluminum lock body , stainless steel bolt
Product specifications , fully furnished, for all types of locks installed
Delay Settings: 0/3/6/9 seconds adjustable
Special Trigger output delay
Emergency can be screwed or keys to open the door by hand
Computer keys with copy protection safer
Intelligent single-chip configuration , to prevent external damage
Overload protection, dual current overload protection device
Built-in light -coupled output button to open the door contacts ? Like 5 seconds to open the door would not lock automatically
Products through the EU CE and China MA Certificate
Electronic developed ultra-low temperature type photoelectric control electric lock is truly ultra-low temperature function ,
A: instantaneous Low- current converter ; B: Door -bit errors, door latch to withstand , electric locks will start scouting low-power, low-temperature conversion
C: photovoltaic technology applications, reducing mechanical failure

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