New Metal fingerprint ONLY access control Mini Black

New Metal fingerprint ONLY access control Mini Black

Product Description


Operating Voltage


Operating Mode

Fingerprint pattern+Touch keys

Operating Current



Work Environment



Work status

400 mA



Fingerprint capacity

128 Pieces


Dark background optical collection

Contrast mode




Acquisition time




1:1Than the time



95(L)* 56(W)* 35(H)


Touch Start


Relay outputs and WIEGAND 26output




Ready for operation


[Initial ]

Step one : Open the back cover

Step two : power

Step Three : Press the button to initialize , and use your fingers into the fingerprint electric windows startupSource , the system promptsRemove all fingerprints

Step three : Continue to hold the button until you are prompted to initializeDeleted all fingerprints, Release the button , the initialization is completed, then the system reverts to the default state :




Device number

Unlock time


Key Mode



1111 ( coded as internal devices0)

3 seconds


Do not enable



[ Enable button ]

To enable the emergency button mode, the initialization is complete, continue to hold the button until you are prompted to initializeSuccessfully set, The key mode can be used.

Registered fingerprint

Step One: After system initialization , power

Step two : Use any fingerprints fingers into power windows startup , the system issuedDripping sound

Step three : Continue pressing the finger , the system continuously sendsDripping soundUntil the system promptsRegistered increased fingerprints

Step four : at least twice to even put a finger fingerprint registration increases until the system promptsSuccessful registrationThe administrator of the increase fingerprint registration is completed .

Step Five : The system promptsRegister to remove fingerprints, Press Step four registered administrator to delete fingerprints.

Step six : The system promptsRegistered users fingerprints, Press Step four registered average user fingerprints. And so forth, can be registered126User fingerprints .

Step 7: If you are no longer registered , wait6Seconds, the system automatically shut down.


[ Register Help ]

1The system can register up128Fingerprints , and the system automatically assigns1111-4444The number ( number only by the1/2/3/ 4Four digits ) , corresponding to the internal fingerprint numbered0-127.

2, The system default1111Add fingerprint as the administrator . Increase the fingerprint can be used to open the door , can also be used to add new fingerprints.

3, The system default1112For administrators to delete fingerprints. Remove fingerprints can be used to open the door , can also be used to delete a user's fingerprint or all of the user's fingerprint .

4,1113 - 4444For the average user fingerprints. Can only be used to verify the door.










Using the Operation


[ Fingerprint lock ]

Will have been registered fingerprint window and pressing fingers into the fingerprint surface , turn on the power system and fingerprint , on hearing tick sound after remove your finger , if the match is successful, the system prompts Thank you you can open the door , or to re-mortgage your fingers .

Fingerprint increase

Administrator into the numbered1111Increase in fingerprint finger in the fingerprint through Do not lift your finger until you are promptedRegistered users fingerprintsRemove your finger before , the system enters the state registered fingerprint , then you can add new fingerprints. Specific methods can be Registered fingerprintThe description .


Delete fingerprint ]

Administrator into the numbered1112Delete fingerprint finger in the fingerprint through , do not lift your finger until you are promptedDelete user fingerprintRemove your finger before , the system enters the state to remove fingerprints , then you can delete a user or all users fingerprints fingerprints. If you double click the user you want to remove fingerprints fingers , then delete the user's fingerprint . If you continue to press twice to delete the administrator fingerprint fingers, it will delete all the user's fingerprint .


Button operation

[ Important ]

This system not only can work in the fingerprint pattern , but also operates in Key mode . Working in the key mode, fingerprint collection surface is divided into four zones: the upper left area, right area , lower left area , right lower area, pressing different areas , representing pressing different keys :1- Upper left area,2- The upper right area,3- Lower left area,4- Lower right area.

In the key mode, you can perform the following operations :

. Password emergency unlocking ,

. Modify the administrator fingerprint increase

. Modify the administrator to delete the fingerprint

. Modify the emergency password

. Deletes the specifiedIDNo fingerprints

. Switched voice prompt language

. Set unlock time

. Set the number

Of course, before use must be in accordance[ Enable button ]The method enables the button mode.


[ Mode Switch]

An unregistered fingerprint fingerprints fingers into the window and press the fingerprint surface , so that the power and fingerprint system starts until the system promptsPlease keyRemove your finger before the system enters key operation mode , then you can perform the following key operation.


Emergency unlocking

Enter1XXXXXXXX1WhereinXTo8Digit emergency code , such as12341234( Hereinafter the same ) , if the password matches may be emergency unlocking .

Fingerprint modification increases

Input 1XXXXXXXX2,If the passwords match , you can modify the administrator's increased fingerprints.

[ Modify Delete fingerprint ]

Input 1XXXXXXXX3,If the passwords match , you can modify the administrator to delete fingerprints.

[ Change Password ]

Enter2XXXXXXXX # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #,Wherein ,XThe old8Digit password ,#New8Digit password , the new password will need to enter2Times. If the old password matches the new password twice , and the same old password can be changed to the new password.


Delete user fingerprint ]

Enter3XXXXXXXXNNNNAmongNFingerprint ID for the user , if the password matches , you can delete numberedNNNNFingerprints.


[ Language switching ]

Enter4XXXXXXXX12Wherein ,XTo8Digit password , if the password matches , you can set a custom voice , such as English .

Enter4XXXXXXXX11Wherein ,XTo8Digit password , if the password matches , you can restore the default language, such as Chinese .


[Set unlock time]

Enter4XXXXXXXX2NWherein ,XTo8Digit password ,NUnlock time for the selection (N = 1: 3 seconds ,N = 2: 6 seconds ,N =3:9 seconds ,N = 4: 12 seconds) .


[Set Device Number ]

Enter4XXXXXXXX3NNNNWherein ,XTo8Digit password ,NTo4Bit device number, device number range is 1111-4444 , which correspond to the internal device is encoded as 255.

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