RF BlankBarcode Label 3040mm Round EAS Tag Sticker +Tail 8.2MHz for Jewelry


1000p RF Blank Label 40mm Round EAS Tag Sticker Tail 8.2MHz for Jewelry

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  • 8.2mhz rfid anti-theft tag 
  • white and rounded rfid anti-theft tag for jewelry 
  • pvc material 
  • rfid tag for shop/store anti-thef
Detailed Product Description

simple &applied 8.2mhz rfid anti-theft tag (R4040)
2Frequency 8.2MHz 
3Detection 1.0m-1.5m 
4Defective <1% 



The RF EAS label is designed to protect any non-metallic hard goods item, including compact discs, cassettes, video cassettes, books, boxed items and cosmetic items. Two sizes of labels are available to work at varying distances.



EAS Lables Self Adhesive Paper Adhesive Label 8.2MHz EAS Label 

  • Code: RF4*4
  • Dimension: R-40mm or CustomizeMax .thickness of label : 200m
  • Release liner : Yellow/blue glassine silicone paper
  • Winding : label outside
  • Adhesive: hot melt adhesive/acrylic adhesive
  • Frequency: 8.2MHz(Deactivatable/Non-Deactivatable/Transparent/Thermal)
  •  Detection:1.0m-1.5m
  • Defective: <1%
  • Packing: 1000 units per roll, 20,000 units(20 rolls) per carton0.025CBM
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Weight 1.500000
With Built-in Battery No
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