APO2 long distance 10KM 12 Megapixel 20X far shoot camera binoculars digital camera DVR


Using high-resolution original image sensor chip , so shoot the picture clearer. Record audio and video synchronization

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Machine itself without cards, memory cards.
( In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine , it is recommended in the shop card purchase )
Official standard : the machine , comes with accessories (No memory card can not be used)

The machine features :
Unique design , feel strong
Using high-resolution original image sensor chip , so shoot the picture clearer
Record audio and video synchronization
Video resolution up to 640 * 480 Pixels , 30 frames / sec.
Camera resolution up to 12 million as the number of 4032 * 3024
External three AAA batteries .
Storage support TF card
1-8GB optional

Standard configuration:
Far shoot camera host 1 king
USB Cable 1
Charger 1
Small three tripod
Head away from regulation
Held by far beat Wang boot, when far shot 21X zoom adjustment ring 10 toward the direction of rotation, 7X direction towards close-ups
Rotation , targeting , slow tune the focal length 11 until the object ; or use the remote fast tune up look telescopic focal length 12 goals . Be sure to use the telescope to the correct location .
Diopter adjustment
Turn the eyepiece focusing hand wheel 13 to get a clear picture .
Photos :
When turned on, enter the camera icon appears on the top right of the standby mode A; using screen view finder , please manually adjust
Section of the optical lens part on good scene short press the shutter button once photographed a ; in camera mode, some parameters can be set . Such as setting the resolution ; press the Menu / OK button pop-up menu dialog boxes , such as when the camera is set as the number of the resolution , press the Up and Down keys to select the size as the number , and then press the Menu / OK button to enter the sub-menu , select the corresponding resolution , 12M, 8M, 5M, 3M, 2M, 1.3M; press menu / Enter key to confirm and exit ; other parameters refer to the above operations.
Video :
In the photo the standby mode, press the mode button to enter standby video camera icon appears on the top right of the state , short press the shutter button to start the video again , press the shutter button to save the video content . In video mode, press MENU /
Enter the same pop-up menu dialog can be some of the parameter settings. Reference photos parameter settings.

Photo here:
In standby mode , press mode button to switch to the photo browsing mode icon appears in the upper right triangle , through
Over left, right, select the preview photos ; if it is video file, press the button to play back the recorded files ; in the preview photo Shihai can zoom in on the key , the next key to zoom out ; when magnified image after short press MENU / a confirmation key icon can be moved up and down , using the up, down , left , right, you can move the image preview ; in the photo browsing mode, the same number of parameters can be set , and delete files , etc. ; specific operations with the camera parameter settings.
System function settings:
In any standby mode, press the Menu / OK key to enter the parameter setting mode , press the Right to enter the system feature set ; following functions:
1, the memory card is formatted , when choosing runtime system to format the memory card , remove the card all the files ;
2 , set the key sound on and off ;
3 , language settings ;
4 , standby mode , without any operation under the automatic shutdown time setting ;
5 , the recovery system factory settings ;
6, USB settings, you can choose to move the hard disk , PC camera ( need to install driver software ) , the printer is connected ;
7 , the video output format is set
8 , enter time setting : Press the Up and Down key to make the date, hour , minute, second addition and subtraction , left-right points
Do not select the corresponding set each setting is completed , press Menu / Enter key to exit ; then press the button to exit
Menu settings ;
Such as found in the course of non-stop fast flashing blue lights , which means that the host is running low , press to open the key off , and charge it in time , the machine is standard MINI
USB2.0 interface, can be connected to a computer USB port for charging , can also be random distribution of the charger ; charging, the charging indicator red light that is charging , turned off by the long light indicates charging is complete ;

Connect the computer:
In the off state , you can connect the computer , then the computer will pop up movable disk logo , the image file directory as follows: * disk \\ DCIM \\ 100DSCIM; when the king took away when exchanging data with a computer , the blue light flashes rapidly ; need uninstall far shoot king , please click on the task bar bottom right corner of the mobile device management icon , uninstall the inside removable storage device , the system recognizes the hardware can be safely removed , then disconnect the remote shoot the king with the computer.

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Weight 1.000000
With Built-in Battery No
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