RFID reader ID card reader keyboard port M1 IC card reader keyboard port keyboard port reader

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RFID reader ID card reader keyboard port M1 IC card reader keyboard port keyboard port reader

Keyboard portIDReader identification system for the Internet cafes in the external hardware- IDInternet reader , which uses radio frequency receiver module microelectronics and embedded microcontrollers,Combined with efficient decoding algorithms and advanced data processing technology to complete64bitsRead-only modeμEM4001Its compatibleRFIDCard decoding and data output. The external card reader as a computer input device , readRFIDThe serial number of the card and throughPS / 2The output to the computer , the keyboard automatically lose the equivalent number of available common \"WORD\"\" Notepad \" and other software records the card number , reliable performance, easy operation. Internet cafe management software can use this record number , derived more management functions.

First, the technical parameters:
Support cards:μEM4001Or its compatibleRFIDCard
Data Format: four-byte serial number of the card is converted to ten decimal form , the end of the carriage
Communication Format : Extended keyboard code
Read Range : more than80mm
Reader time : less than100ms
Power supply: keyboard port

Second, the installation instructions :

FirstPCUnplug the keyboard plug into the readerPS / 2Type6Negative socket holes , and finally another positive plug insertion readerPCMachine keyboard port , card reader sounds twice , the green light flashes twice , indicating a successful installation

Commonly available \"WORD\"\" Notepad \" software testing. Open \"WORD\" Or \" Notepad \" in the input state credit card, ringing sound, green light flashes once, \"WORD\" Or \" Notepad \" appears and automatically enter a bunch of numbers , the system is normal, the numbers appear RF card serial number is required .

Third, pay attention and Troubleshooting:
1, Easy to install card readers operating position in,While avoiding near the monitor, the monitor due to radiation may interfere with the normal work of the reader .
2When the card is not recommended to operate the mouse , avoid transferring data error .
3Communication cable length between the reader and the computer should be less than15Meters.
4Avoid the critical state(Distance just to reader)Reader .
5If the host computer 's keyboard interface to a larger circle5Hole interface , a dedicated keyboard for head adapter available on the market ;
6, Did not respond card : Interface is plugged ; RF card is a compatibleRFIDCards ; RF card is already bad ; whether another radio card is in the reader range.
7, Transfer data error : When the card is operating a mouse ; whether it is strong electromagnetic interference environments reader ; communication cable between the reader and the computer is too long ; reader is in a critical state .



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