4 beam 30 meters infrared correlation infrared fence fence alarm electronic fence infrared grating

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4 beam 30 meters infrared correlation, infrared fence fence alarm, electronic fence, infrared grating

Functions and features:

1. Use high-grade aluminum alloy shell, selection of components and the overall good stability, high reliability, strong anti-jamming capability.

2. Wired and wireless optional, suitable for different occasions, and can be compatible with any brand alarm host.

3. Has the rain, fog, snow, all-weather outdoor use.

4. Tamper, shear, mobile, double beam recognition principle to prevent small animals, birds and other small objects cause false positives.

5.360 degrees stepless rotation, achieve rapid precise focus, unique terminals, convenient installation and debugging.

6. High sensitivity, vigilance to prevent from three gears is adjustable, AGC circuit design.

7. Easy to wiring, alignment or not have buzzer sound instructions.

Installation method:

1, this product is installed on the need to fortify.(such as door, window, balcony, corridor, etc.)

2, determine the installation position, make the installation after the defense of beam can effectively interrupt the target channel, install the four installation holes respectively on the identified on the surface of the installation, ensure launch receiving alignment and parallel each other;

3, with the sharp objects such as screwdriver install infrared security fence bottom threading hole bursting, will the power cord from the installation thread through the hole, again through the wire threading hole, and finally the positive and negative level of the power cord in accordance with the "+" and "-" of the power cord id access terminal and screw down the right;

4, with phi 6 bit good drill mounting holes on the surface of the installation, nails into plastic column, and then use the M4 tapping screw will be fixed installation seat up and down;

5, confirm the transmitting terminal and receiving end corresponding to each other: when the electric wiring, launch the power indicator green light, work indicating red light intermittent shine;When to each other on time, aim at the receiving end indicating red light goes out, buzzer ringing;When using opaque objects interrupt arbitrary two adjacent light beams at the same time, aim at the receiving end indicating red light shining intermittently, buzzer intermittent ringing, and issue a wired/wireless alarm signal;Note: alignment Angle as far as possible choose the strongest in the sunlight or the work environment, such as fog when the most unfavorable for debugging.

6, install the transmitter and the receiver on the fastening screw, and then install the up and down a good protective cover installation is completed.

7, when there is one of the following situations, the receiver will be wired/wireless alarm signal:
7.1 there are objects at the same time interrupt arbitrary two adjacent infrared beam;
7.2 disconnect the transmitter or the receiver power (artificially cut off the power cord);
7.3 mobile transmitter or the receiver position or direction

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