VGA video converter to AV switch computer VGA TV television AV PC turns

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VGA video converter to AV switch computer VGA TV television AV PC turns

TV - the VIEWThe instructions

 TV - the VIEWIs the application of a portable TV standard computers around the world to the TV converter, it can be acceptable computer output signal into TV signals, and can use a video machine record image.Resolution is up to1280 x1024, USB2.0Interface power supply, it is very suitable for travel countries briefing, education training, product display and play computer games.

  1. The main characteristics

 Pure hardware transformation, compatible with all operating systems.

 Resolution support640 x480, 800 x600, 1024 x768. 1280 x1024.

 The refresh frequency up to85 hz.

 Can chooseNTSC,PAL - B,PAL - D,PAL - G,PAL - H and PAL - IThe output.

 Support up, down, left and right position adjustment, the screen menu to adjust the output effect.

 Monitors and TV shows at the same time.

 Size:95 mm (long) x55mm (wide) x30mm (high)

  1. VT1937 TV - the VIEWThe wiring

Power supply (DC IN) :USBThe power cord.

Video output (VIDEO OUT) : the connectionvtTo TV sets, tape recorders and projectors video input.

s.Terminal output (S - VIDEO OUT) : the connectionvtTo televisions, tape recorders and projectorss.Input terminal

VGAOutput (VGA The OUT) : the connectionvtTo the display.

VGAInput (VGA The in) : display card connection from a computerVGALine toVt.

On the left, right, bottom, button () : according to the left, right, next, and the buttons to adjust the position of the whole picture on TV.

Menu (The MENU) : press this button can adjust the following cycle function, these functions are vertical width (H.), horizontal width (v), brightness, contrast, gray scale, color saturation, flicker, sharpness, on-screen menu background color.

Size (The size) : adjust the TV picture frame or outside the box is full screen.

  1. The product application

teaching- Easy to record computer software teaching and training videos

The briefing- The classroom and meeting rooms ideal demonstration articles

record- To edit a good computer image transcription to video

entertainment- Playing computerVCD,DVDAnd the game into the TV

  1. Accessories list
    1. TV - the VIEWThe computer to the TV converterX 1
    2. The instructionsX 1
    3. Composite video lineX 1
    4. s.terminalX 1
    5. USBThe power cordX 1
    6. VGAlineX 1


Due to desktop installation easier here do not do introduction, mainly said the laptop's debugging, as a result of the laptop VGA interface closed at ordinary times, after installed the converter needs within the laptop display attributes open the VGA interface will make the converter to work properly,

Windows 7 operating system debugging, then all attachment, into the control panel display resolution alignment (see below), click on theDetection of key, can make the laptop VGA interface open, there will be a signal output to the TV set

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