Practical 7 video intercom doorbelltouch-key visual doorbellnight vision visual doorbella pair three

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Practical 7 "video intercom doorbell/touch-key visual doorbell/night vision visual doorbell/a pair of three

For luxury villas, household use;Convenient visiting guests, and to strengthen the security, to provide you with safe and secure living environment.
Function characteristics:
1, the hd 420 line, outdoor infrared night vision, design beautiful generous, do manual work is delicate,
All metal aluminum alloy design,

2, and 7 inch TFT LCD, no radiation, low power consumption, high-definition wide-screen images.
3, calling function.
4, electric control lock function.
5, have the functions of monitoring outdoor.
6, image brightness, chroma and volume can be adjusted.
7, anti-oxidation and wear-resisting outdoor parts surface treatment of aluminum alloy.
8, indoor machine, ultra-thin design, all show luxurious style.
9, 16, and twang optional, don't always hear the monotony of the doorbell.
The performance parameters:
1, the input voltage: AC220V - 50 hz
2, the output voltage: AC15V
3, the output current: 1200 ma
4, call delay time: 120 s plus or minus 10%
5, monitoring, delay time: 60 s plus or minus 10%
6, the camera sensor: CMOS 420 line
7, lens: 3.6 MM92 degrees
8, with outdoor infrared night vision function
9: (H), indoor machine appearance size 165 x 235 x (D) (W) 28 mm
10,Seg l shape:Titanium white salad

Surface size: 126X 80X 7mm

The installationSize: 108X 66X 28Mm (actual size)

Buried wall sump size: 114X 73* 30Mm (actual size)(this enclosure for the double pan)

Installation: installed on the door or embedded.

Material:Aluminium alloy, surface sandblasting drawing.

High temperature oxidation aluminium panel: oxidation corrosion resistance, wear resistance, natural colour, no paint non-toxic, environmental protection health.

Installation: installed on the door or embedded.
11, indoor installation method: wall
12, lines: 4 core supporting (1) of article 5 m + 2 conductor lock line (supporting terminal line 1)
13. The switch power supply two 15 v1. 2 a
14. The screw bag (supporting 2 bag)
15. Hangs Taiwan 2
16. The instruction
17. Color box packaging
18, the effective distance: 100 m (4 * 0.75 m ㎡)
Indoor and outdoor installation: wall/embedded

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