Latest styles visual intercom doorbelltouch 7 inches color visible interphoneluxury a pair four

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Latest styles visual intercom doorbell/touch 7 inches color visible interphone/luxury of a pair of four

Functional features
Take calls, monitor, intercom, lock, hands-free, indoor call the intercom. Don't disturb function

1, 7 inch TFT LCD, no radiation, low power consumption, high-definition wide-screen images.

2, calling function.

3, electric control lock function.

4, have the functions of monitoring outdoor.

5, image brightness, chroma, ringing the volume, the volume can be adjusted pendant.

6, toughened organic glass touch-key completely waterproof, outdoor wall installation is simple, convenient and optional inline boxes.

7, indoor machine, ultra-thin design, the organic glass steel touch key, beautiful show luxurious style.

8, 16 and twang optional.

9, indoor call function alone.After indoor machine after the call bell ring, according to the intercom can talk back, note: two little this functionality.

10, color box packaging, 8 units in a wooden case.

11, beautiful blue background shows all buttons, show luxurious style. 

12, the company all products are, yituo one to six;Two drag one to six.

The performance parameters:

1, switching power supply:AC220V - 50 hz DC15V1.2 A/yituo three above using the integrated power supply, use more simple.

2, the machine current: less than 800 ma

3, call delay time: 100 s plus or minus 10%

4, monitoring, delay time: 60 s plus or minus 10%

5, the camera sensor: PC1030 420 line/SHARP1/4 420 line/SONY 1/4 (optional)

6, lens: 3.6 MM92 degrees

7, with outdoor infrared night vision function


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