Monitoring luxurious touch key 9 inches color visual intercom doorbella pair 2

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Monitoring luxurious touch key 9 inches color visual intercom doorbell/a pair of 2

The new touch key 9 inches color visual intercom doorbell is our company newly launched a doorbell and monitoring the integration of new products, suitable for villas, offices, shopping malls, parking lots, warehouses and other places to use.
Functional features:
Take calls, monitor, intercom, lock, hands-free, indoor call intercom, don't disturb, four road surveillance cameras input function

1.Full of ultra-thin designTouch the keysIndoor machine, lead the new trend of color visual doorbell show luxurious style.,

2,Can increase the four road surveillance cameras video input, video output all the way, can be connected to with hard disk video acquisition card, the real security monitoring function

3, the calling function.

4, electric control lock function

5And have the functions of monitoring outdoor.

6, image brightness, chroma and volume can be adjusted.

7,Completely waterproof outdoor toughened organic glass touch buttons,With the function of infrared night vision,With embedded into the box.

8, indoor machine, ultra-thin design, the organic glass steel panel touch key, with white backlight and operation key sound, beautiful show luxurious style.

9, 16 and twang optional, don't always hear drab doorbell.

10,A box color box packaging, 8.
11,The product portfolio, yituo one to six;Two drag one to six. 

12, the size of the indoor machine: 292* 205 * 32 mm

13Outdoor parts and size:168 * 110 * 65 mm

14,Wiring advice with full copper within 30 meters super five types of cables;Wiring 50 to 80 meters with 0.All the six core 5 square copper cables;Wiring 80-150 meters with 0.More than 75 square 6 core complete copper cables;

The performance parameters:

1, switching power supply: AC220V - 50 hz DC15V2A

2, the machine current: less than 800 ma

3, call delay time: 120 s plus or minus 10%

4, monitoring, delay time: 60 s plus or minus 10%

5, the camera sensor: SHARP1/4 420 line

6, lens: 3.6 MM92 degrees

7,4 road surveillance cameras input

Eight,A video signal output, but even the acquisition card, hard disk video recorder.

9,Surveillance cameras control switch, video manual and automatic switch, automatic switch for 5 seconds.

10,After open the monitor has been in monitoring the status, have the function of the bell is working, the bell function is preferred.

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