3.5 inches inch screen video monitor tester works Bao security tester +12V output adjustable brightness

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3.5 inch screen / video monitor tester works Bao security tester with 12V output adjustable brightness

Security Warning:

☆ Do not expose the product to rain or moisture to avoid commodity fault .
☆ Any failure to operate the step of operating manuals or modifications may cause this product can not be used or permanent damage

General Considerations
◎ Do not dismantle its own set of the machine, in order to avoid damage to the machine . For maintenance services
Service, please contact your dealer.
Moisture protection
◎ The machine does not have waterproof , do not let the rain , water ... and any other liquid into the machine , and the machine to avoid moisture .
Temperature protection
1 The machine can not be placed in the sun , heaters , radiators or other devices ... next to a heat source may cause damage to the unit .
2 Use at 0 ~ 60 ° C in the local environment , to avoid damage.
3 Do not suddenly move the machine from the low temperature, high temperature , or move from cold places because of sudden changes in ambient temperature may cause damage to the unit .

◎ function before using the machine , make sure to use and whether charging operation has been completed .
◎ CCTV installation works best detection system is equipped with built-in lithium battery, video input
Terminal and DC power supply , and only palm-sized, easy to carry operations . ◎ through DC power output, so that the user can immediately detect or correct camera lens of good and bad with the installation ? Allow the installation of further discussed or explained with customers to do , can do real-time communication and zero errors.


★ monitoring: the quality of camera testing, installation and engineering image correction , etc. Chaxiu line monitoring system .

Product description:
Standard equipment
( Photos only of reference , the real product is subject to the actual shipment , are subject to change without notice )

Power output, audio visual, video input , cables   

AC / DC adapter (1A/5V)

Product Features:
◎ portable products
Portable products can be used at any time regardless of any space , in one hand , the device does not need a huge overhaul to hinder your action
◎ 3.5 \" screen
3.5 \" High Definition TFT screen , for a variety of places to use , make the image clearer
◎ long continuous working time
Equipped with high- capacity lithium battery , each charge about 5 hours to work for 4 ? 5 hours , use a long time ( excluding CCD supply ) .
◎ humane designs
To the professionals who designed grip shape, use without removing gloves can easily operate and accelerate your various jobs , rear safety clasp allows users to feel at ease in any environment and can be assured operation. ◎ Support camera lens power
The quality and user convenience detect camera orientation correction machine , make installation and maintenance easier.

Describes the main features :
1.3.5 \"TFT LCD
2 . When you insert a transformer charging indicator ( red ) light, the light goes off after fully charged .
3 When the switch is activated indicator ( green ) ? Grain  Torr dip basket for fruits lofty  Zhen Gan Ping mirror ?
4 .. Menu Press this button to open or close the LCD setup menu.
5 Open the function menu , press this button to adjust the brightness , contrast . Color saturation. Volume
6 Open the function menu , press this button to adjust the brightness , contrast . Color saturation. Volume
7. Lighting switch
8 5V power input AC / DC adapter , DC5V 1.0A.
9 the power switch.
10 high brightness LED work lights lighting .
11 camera power output, video, audio signal input through this seat , this seat through the lens power output to the display screen on the host screen.
12 built-in speakers.

Charge Description :
Rechargeable Battery
The machine has built-in high -capacity rechargeable lithium battery. Do not attempt to dismantle the unit or replace the battery in order to avoid high voltage circuit inside the machine cause an electric shock hazard .
Use charger
1 . The AC adapter plug into an AC power outlet.
2 DC adapter plug into the mains socket.
3 signal indicates when charging is lit red , the machine starts to charge .
4 When the red light goes off when charging signal indicator , which means that with sufficient electricity.
1 for the first time , charging time , please ample 6 to 8 hours.
Display Screen 3.5 \"TFT Color LCD
( Resolution ) 640X480
Input Video Input × 1 (BNC connector )
Output Power DC output
( Support for general photography lens power / maximum current 400mA)
System Specifications NTSC / PAL
Indication 2 LED bulbs
( = Green power indicator , charging indicator = red )
OSD switch operator interface
Battery Built-in rechargeable lithium battery : 3.7V2000mA
Power DC5V 1.0A external power adapter Specifications
Size / weight 180mm (L) X 98mm (W) X 30mm (H) / 250g
(2) The products in the off state , can be charged .

Question: Why can not boot ?
1 Check that the battery power is adequate .
2 verify the proper use original charger .
3 Confirm the charger for damage.
Question: Why is the image not operate properly ?
1 Make sure the lens with the host terminal if there is convergence correct.
2 Make sure the power switch is turned on or without .
3 Confirm whether there are electricity, such as electric power is exhausted , please charge .



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