GCB 891 video monitor tester works +12V output Po shipping

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GCB 891 video monitor tester works with 12V output Po shipping

Highlights : A dot resolution LCD screen480 * 320,3.5InchHVGAHigh-resolution LCD screen ; with digital zoom function .

Each functional decomposition follows:

1,3.5Inch Large screen display, the display camera images
Video monitor tester , Adopted3.5InchHVGAHigh-resolution LCD screen resolution480 * 320, Display area wider clearer, more intuitive and easily Shows the camera image effects.

HVGAMonitor brightness, contrast, color saturation adjustable, Adjustable backlight brightness suitable for outdoor facilities Engineering and maintenance.

2, The video signal strength measurement

Video monitor tester , added a video signal strength measurements , the test video signal is attenuated or too high. Since the video signal video cable is too long will cause signal attenuation , attenuation of the video signal will cause the image dimmed , reducing the dynamic range of the image ; such as a video signal is too strong , it will cause ghost , reducing image sharpness.The video signal measurements, real-time display of the video signal level value , if out of range, the instrument will prompt information display screen .
3, Multi-system image to send color bar generator , inspection and monitoring transmission channel

By VideoOUTPort , sending a variety of formats (PAL,NTSC) Color graphics section , graphics section are: white, yellow, blue, green, pink, red, blue , black and a total of eight colors , through the monitoring center of the monitor is receiving color graphics section to determine whether the normal video channel transmission , meanwhile, received by the monitoring center color graphics section , you can determine whether it is because the transmission attenuation or interference caused by the color deviation . The device may also be videoOUTPort to send color pattern , whileINPort to receive and display for live video transmission testing, such as video optical , video cables and so on.

4,12VPower output, power supply for the camera

Video monitor tester specifically designed to power the camera12V 1APower output port , to provide temporary power supply for the camera . Some cameras are mainly used in the field demonstration and testing , while some need to install the camera site , before the implementation of the project site because there is no power , must find a temporary power supply for the camera ,DT-N91The power output will play a necessary role .

5Sound audio function to test whether the normal front-end audio equipment

Video monitor tester audio test functions , such as video surveillance can pickup the front of the audio device to be tested.

6, Ball machine or decoderPTZControl

Built-in video monitor testerPelco-D / P,SAMSUNG,Panasonic20 kindsPTZControl protocol , through its ownRS485OrRS232Interface, the user can control the pan up, down, left, right, rotate , and adjust machine zoom, focus , aperture size.

7, Set the preset position , calling balls and machine parameter settings

Video monitor tester PTZ preset and recall function , the horizontal angle the ball machine will save the current state of the head , the tilt angle and position of the camera lens focal length and other parameters to the instrument , the instrument can pass quick recall presets bit .

Video monitor tester fast ball through the preset call main menu , edit the parameters of the ball machine .

8,RS485Address scanning capabilities help engineers find fastball address

Video monitor tester unique address scanning feature, you can quickly help engineers find fastball address. Maintenance works need to be maintained for some fast ball, fast ball may not know the address , if you want to remove the fastball to check the workload is relatively large.Separate scanning feature that can help engineers find the address of the ball machine .

9,UTPNetwork Cable Tester

The unique cable test function , through the instrument ofUTP Cable TestTest port , you can test a variety of network cable connections ( any two lines or two lines or more ) , and even a variety of video surveillance projectRJ45Connection , you can quickly and accurately displayed. Simple, convenient and practical.

    A splitter wiring project, it only showsUTPConnection cable , but also shows the cable numbers , engineers can accurately determine and mark Beginning and end of the network cable end position , resulting in a complicated network cable heap quickly straighten network cable .

10Data capture

Instrument can beRS485/RS232Interface Capture keyboard orDVRSent over the control protocol code, test sent from the monitoring center roomPTZWhether the control command data can be properly received , verifiedRS485/RS232Data transmission.

11Digital zoom function

     As the project Bao is a handheld device , subject to portability constraints, the LCD screen will not be too difficult to move construction . But3.5Inch small screen and display the contents of a typical monitor screen is too small in comparison , even if the resolution enough to the eye it is difficult to analyze the details , so the digital zoom function will be the same as the screen size to big size monitor will display the contents of the local display out , to facilitate the analysis of the picture detail . Through the digital zoom function , you can press1:1Points even1:21:4Ratio shows local Screen , then the arrow keys to move the display localized content , it can break through the screen resolution is limited to be very careful analysis of the image frame .

In practice, the corners of the common camera focus blur , whether the lens from dirt and dust , and during the installation of surveillance cameras can be displayed clearly on the details of the location , etc., in the low-resolution screen is difficult to observe small details situation , with the digital zoom function , in the construction and maintenance of equipment will provide a more detailed debug display.

12Polymer lithium battery andDC 5VExternal power supply , battery power real-time graphical display

    The use of large -capacity polymer lithium battery , more secure , more stable performance . Charging time is short,  Battery charging time4Hours, while the instruments work continuously for up to12Hours.

13Simple English menu operation

Chinese and English operation interface , two languages optional instrument operation menu and friendly , simple, elegant , easy to use.

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