Hardware Plastic 2013 electronic cat door mirror camera doorbell new special security door

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Hardware Plastic 2013 electronic cat door mirror camera doorbell new special security door


     SecondGeneration of visual music doorbell , also known as visual electronic cat's eye , than the first generation increased by infrared visual function , anti-theft door camera into a metal shell replacement , is the doorbell products, high-tech products ,( The product already has three national patents ) . Products using the latest science and technology, without damaging the structure of the original anti-theft doors , to achieve easy and convenient to install and use , to solve the traditional cat's eye can see outside the door , the door could see the door of the problems, but also to solve the child elderly sight problems, making it easier to monitor the door in order to protect the safety of personnel at home , in the case of providing cat's eye , while providing a monitoring system , monitoring system avoids complex structures and installation. Is a real practical home security products.

    For the current prevalence of the elderly, children left behind bedroom, the status quo for a long time unattended , in a growing emphasis on home security today, the product's features can help us to improve home safety to the greatest extent .

    As long as any visitor rang the doorbell , the host will automatically work product , display and record the visitor's image information and alert the owner when guests visit, according to the owner's doorbell music -loving , self- definition, have their own favorite music through MP3 doorbell , can be transmitted through the data cable to the machine memory ; come if pressed the doorbell rang , and just knock on the door , the owner can press the monitor key monitoring the situation outside , and you can press the camera button to take photos or videos ; home without when people, when guests are coming , you can leave the image information for the home owner access to prevent missing important guests . While also providing certified as an illegal criminal act , but really to provide security for the family.


Product Features

1. Using high -resolution surveillance camera , color monitor , with visual function , picture and sound clarity.
2. Visitors come, they press the doorbell button to open the display, allowing you to open the door in a safe condition.
3. Photos, video clips can be downloaded to a computer to play , easy to back up your data , view data easily .
4. DirectTExpansion card , you can select the required capacity of the storage medium based on the actual situation , flexibility .
5. Auto white balance and exposure compensation, improve image clarity.
6. Standby power can be used continuously for about45Days.
7. Patented design , the screw assembly without tools , appearance, good for hiding , easy to install , easy to maintain, easy to operate , the design is very user-friendly .
8.Affordable, cost very little investment can give you and your family to bring security , remove your worries, absolute value for money
9.Beautiful appearance , variety of colors available, for a variety of home decor .
10.Whether it is for personal use or to give as gifts , are regarded as a wise choice 

11 . Than increased generation infrared visual function, and the door camera replaced the metal shell !

Technical Parameters


ZQ-27E camera with infrared light metal housing

Power supply

220V ACCharger,50/60HZ;DC 18500Lithium batteries


CMOSHD camera ,30Megapixel



1.8 \"64K 160x128

Sound formats


Storage Device

Comes with 128M of memory,Support1GMemory,TCard ( maximum support4G)

Shooting Mode

Manual and automatic recording

     Standby Current


 Standby time

\u003e 1200Hour

 Charging time


 Key life

\u003e 10Million times


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