HD-SDI HD camera surveillance camera infrared night vision IR Dome WDR 1080P

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HD-SDI HD camera surveillance camera infrared night vision IR Dome WDR 1080P

As the demonstration effect subject to the network , the video will be compressed natural video site , and we are generally used in the display VGA monitor , causing the effect of uploading a lot worse after the original recording 1080P effect is much better than the results of the upload demo !

Parents are welcome to obtain a copy of the original effect playing video files on their computers :




This series of SDI HD camera participated 2013.10.29 ~ 11.1 Fourteenth Abou Shenzhen exhibition, customers receive praise !

Please pro Next HD-SDI HD camera (1080P 200illumination low noise ) kernel module parameters !



Currently HD-SDI HD camcorder domestic Hikvision , Dahua , parti , the same as other first-tier manufacturers are doing , and the extraordinarily high prices , can be very serious to say , HD-SDI HD camcorder is the field of security a blue ocean market, the company developed high-definition HD-SDI module significantly , at present, has been working to peer monitoring vendor modules.

We have the absolute price advantage and technological advantages !

Please related industries to seize the opportunity , take the prototype test results as soon as possible , to promote to your customers as soon as possible , make early morning to make money, waiting for the future is the same as the simulator market !

We offer our customers improve the overall 2,000,000 1080P HD solution , there is no advantage for our products, we will help our customers to find the channel or customers purchasing !

Shenzhen top five SDI HD camera HD-SDI HD camera factory direct sales , contract volume OEM production are welcome !


EASTOP camera factory HD camera brand , to provide peer OEM or neutral product !

EASTOPDedicated to the development, production and sales of high-definition surveillance products for the integration of technology companies , given the current market demand and the development of surveillance technology, monitoring industry has reached a high-definition era. According to industry professionals and industry chipmakers gradually standardized system of unified data format for high-definition SDI video products provide the conditions to grow and spread , with its own high-definition camera technology for the needs of property development market in Hayward , to monitor the industry to provide more options .

Adopt a global advanced HD video processor provides powerful HD video interface , coupled with high-quality filters tailored to the image obtained with the human eye to observe a consistent color . Can be used in transportation, ** , fire protection , landscaping and other important places , HD Series bolt with long-distance transmission up to 150 meters , using the SDI signal amplifier , the total distance will be extended to 1000 meters. Use Optical distance is not a problem in the future HD-SDI HD camera without the aid of any medium can pass 1000 meters ! For the rapid development of high-definition products , pro not get started?

HD-SDI HD camera background

2013 revolutionized the field of security technology breakthroughs coming !
EASTOP launched HD-SDI HD camera , 1080P 200 million pixels !

HD-SDI HD camera / traditional engineering business is the only choice !

Because of its heterosexual unprecedented breakthrough the bottleneck of all analog cameras , and showed more excellent performance , UOB , parti so domestic manufacturers have launched their own brand of HD-SDI HD camera to seize market opportunities , earn high profits.

The company appears in real time , also introduced high-quality HD-SDI HD camera , we seize the high cost to compete with the first big brands , and programs in research and development have not lost brands, the company HD-SDI HD camera Panasonic solutions international leader , the value of cost-effective , contractors will be able to get into greater profit margins , customers can get more affordable, because in the past there is no way to achieve results now got his wish !

PS. Personally to go to parti peer quote, The first bolt is selling 1,800 yuan, but the effect is very satisfactory , flawless, can be used to describe the shock ! ! Lower illuminance , lower noise ...





PS.Lens irradiation distance see the table below ( see the full image can be saved to download ).

Lens size and distance control parameters :


PS. Cabinet full metal build , the main Hikvision , Dahua , parti -known brands such as Shell .
PS. The Company can be customized for clients all housing market , the same module strive to reduce project costs !

1 /3 " 2.0 megapixel HD CMOS
HD-SDI (1.485G / S)
IR distance 45 meters ( need lens support )
CS / C interfaces , DC drive
English, Simplified Chinese menu

DC 12V, 1A

. PS It is strongly recommended to use national standard 75-5128 video encoding copper wire (PS. simple identification method : standard video cable with meters ) :


HD-SDI HD camera showing the results


HD-SDI HD camera wiring diagram ( please parents who must take a good look ! )

1 This approach uses HDMI converter can be connected directly to the ordinary display , it should be noted that the average computer monitor is basically no ordinary 200W HD effect , in order to achieve results, we recommend using HD HD display !Advisory Service , the company has sold .

 PS. Do not have the recording function !



2 In this way the use of a monitor integrated SDI interface demonstration effect , but also the most simple,Advisory Service , the company has sold .

PS. Do not have the recording function !


3 using DVR mode, which can simultaneously monitor and video , depending on the manufacturer's SDI-DVR DVR , you can achieve many functions ,Advisory Service , the Company has sold


4 in this way is the way of system integration , general contractors are very understanding of the


HD-SDI HD camera module ( core )

AD. The company specializes in providing high-definition HD-SDI module , module manufacturers in Guangdong security monitoring ! Please look Intro module bar products, please contact customer service online .


WelcomeEASTOPOur brand cameras settled !


Our top high security monitoring equipment , the leading broadcast HD-SDI HD Series front and back-end embedded transmission equipment , the production base is located in Shenzhen R u0026 D center after the garden - Longhua District , technical strength , at present , SDI HD camera Shenzhen ago five strong, and I believe the majority of pro full support , we will scale new heights !



Perfect pre -sales, after-sales service system,Factory direct price system, Quality assurance ! First-class service !

PS. Restaurant can provide a VAT invoice with ordinary invoices , the need for public transfers !

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