Wireless miniature surveillance cameras monitor Mini miniature infrared camera home surveillance camera

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Wireless miniature surveillance cameras monitor Mini miniature infrared camera home surveillance camera

● AdvancedLEDInfrared light with a unique display technology, infrared light source evenly distributed night vision without vignetting.LEDEffective life of the lamp of up to20000Hours.

● The camera and infrared light is completely isolated , effectively solve the fog and astigmatism .

● Product working modes24Real-time monitoring, can easily be changed by configuration files.

● Built-in lithium battery , ensure that in case of a sudden power failure without losing image. Thus avoiding the sudden loss of power led to important images .

● Easy to install , no wiring professional traditional analog cameras , only need to provide power to

● Ultra-low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

Operating Instructions 

6.1The default boot24Real-time monitoring,Connect an external power supply, the product has an external power supply intelligence detected automatically after video surveillance . Every 30 minutes kept for a loop recording. Card filled automatically deleted earlier. Save the date

6.2Stored image

When unplug the external power supply, built- in lithium battery power is detected pulled intelligent video storage , built-in high capacity battery power to ensure that the image will not be damaged image files. Recorded video file is named :0605122648(06Month-05Day ,12Point26Point48Seconds ) , user quickly find the time to look at the video .

6.3Video playback

When connected to a computer , displays a removable disk , you can search the video playback at any arbitrary time period.Make sure you have installed the relevant player software ( recommended to use wind and thunder audio and video playback ) . After connecting a computer , double-click to open the removable disk , enterVIDEO RECORDSelect the video clip with imagesVideo images should use the appropriate player software can play or copy files out to play more directly on the computer .

6.4Set Time Machine System : In order to correctly display the date and time of recording real-time video process , set the date and time on the instructions detailed look at the software is equipped with a video camera connected to a computer CD-ROM

Use CD-ROM software can set the time motion detection video resolution , etc.

6.5DifferentflashAbout the capacity of the corresponding recording time , recording the actual size and the environment under the table is just a reference to a great relationship , the specific time according to the actual situation :


VGA (640 * 480)Video

CIF (352 * 288)Video



16-18 hours


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