Soft-standard decoder decoder RF EAS RF Label Decoder

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Soft -standard decoder decoder RF EAS RF Label Decoder

Product Name: Glass decoder board

Technical parameters:
1 Decoding frequency range : 7.4 ~ 9.0 MHz
2 decoding height : 30 cm;
3 decoding rate : 160 / min ;
Power supply : 220VAC / ± 10%
Power consumption : less than 5W

1 ,A rapid non-contact decoder , responsive, decoding speed up to 160 per minute, the fastest soft label .
2 , decode height up to 30cm, with a variety of desktop laser scanner can be used to decode the scan synchronization , improve cashier efficiency.
3 , the appearance of sophisticated appearance, good sealing , anti- leakage of liquid with excellent results.
4 , the use of advanced glass materials to build , low wear resistance power, small heat, good heat dissipation.
5, the cutting-edge digital signal processing technology to create excellent quality.
6 , the volume of ultra-thin and beautiful, high quality, good material .
7, can be synchronized with the antenna system to ensure that the antenna system and decoding system is stable , does not produce mutual electromagnetic effects .
8 , plug and play , no other accessories.

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