UHF RFID UHF Metal Tag RFID anti-metal tag

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UHF RFID UHF Metal Tag RFID anti- metal tag

UHF metal tag with high temperature resistant plastic and UCODEHSL or G2XM chip assembly , belonging to UHF 860-920MHz band passive RFID tag products, but also according to customer requirements , encapsulated as LF or HF bands other types of electronic tags . Company UCODE G2XM chip , fully compatible with UHF EPC G2 standard protocols , high data transfer rate: transmission speed : 40-160kbit / s, return speed :40-640kbit / s, with a 512bit user space , 96 ~ 224bit EPC space , 64bit identifiers ( including 32bit serial number label ), 32bit access password , 32bit destruct password , operating frequency from 860 ~ 960MHz, operating distance away , in the standard tag antenna , read from up to 1-5M ( ≥ 12dBi gain split antenna , RF power gain reader ≥ 33dB). The chip is a typical 96-224bit EPC Electronic Product Code format , widely used in item-level data management logistics and goods.

The main technical parameters:

  • Chip Type : UCODE G2XM ( can be customized Alien \\ \\ Impinj)
  • Communication protocol : UHF EPC G2 \\ \\ ISO18000-6B \\ \\ ISO18000-6C
  • Carrier frequency : 915MHz
  • Working temperature : -20 / +60 °
  • Storage temperature : -30 / +80 °
  • Reading distance :1-3M ( using 9dbi antennas and RF power 1.0W )
  • Packaging materials: high-temperature engineering plastic ABS
  • Package Size : 12 * 65 * 15mm
  • This product can be packaged other chips :

Application Note :
This product is designed to be in ( including the expansion of the metal ) surface for installation in any medium , for example, can be applied in : plastic , wood , glass , metal, glass, cardboard , cans or boxes filled with liquids, such as a variety of application environments . It can be widely used in various fields automated data management. After installing the electronic tag items or goods that may become the world standard for EPC encoding format logistics information tracking digital product can be widely used in transport and logistics, commodity -level tagging , traffic management , patrol , security and many other occasions.

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