The YiLiFu four beams infrared alarm correlation ABH-50 l meters perimeter anti-theft alarm detector

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The YiLiFu four beams of infrared alarm correlation ABH - 50 l meters perimeter anti-theft alarm detector

ABH four beam digital active infrared detectors
1, advanced anti climb design, unique circuit design, even if the human body prostrate crawling, the system will not omission
2, fully sealed rain (fog), dust (worm) integration structure design can make it work in the harsh environment
3, anti glare of 50000 LUX, built-in automatic adjust light filtering system, avoid being influenced by strong light or car lights
4, the unique optical design, optical beam can penetrate laminated glass, has the special ability to resist the environment
5, adjustable beam interrupt cycle makes it more flexible and more flexible
6, two groups of independent step by step precision fine-tuning, built-in optical sight
7, receiving signal strength multistage LED indicators (calibration more precise)
8, lightning protection circuit design, with a high level of RFI/EMI resistance
9, detection range, determined by the various models, the table below)

ABH - 50 l
L ABH - 100.
L ABH - 150.
L ABH - 200.
L ABH - 250.
Warning distance
50 m.
100 m
150 m
200 m
250 m
150 m
300 m
450 m
600 m
750 m
The beam number
4 beam
Detection methods
4 beam interrupt detector type at the same time
The light source
Infrared digital pulse type
Induction rate
35-700 msec is adjustable
Alarm output
Relay contact output AC, NO or NC contact capacity DC30V0. 5 amax
Power supply
DC13.8 ~ 24 v, AC11 ~ 18 v
Current consumption
95 ma
100 ma
100 ma
100 ma
105 ma
Using the temperature range
- 25 ° ~ 55 °
Use the humidity range
5% ~ 95% RH (relative humidity)
Installation dimensions
With reference to exterior figure
Tamper output
Contact output NC contact capacity AC, DC24V 0.5 AMax
Optical axis adjustment Angle (horizontal)
180 ° (+ 90 °)
Optical axis adjustment Angle (vertical)
20 ° (plus or minus 10 °)
The window type
Dew, frost countermeasures
Heating cover (the other)
The material
PC engineering material
The weight of the
(by light + 2000 g for each)
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