STest 894 video monitor tester STest 3.5 inches-inch screen +a multimeter 3.5 inches inch large screen

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STest 894 video monitor tester STest 3.5 -inch screen with a multimeter 3.5 inch large screen

Product Type YST-894
Video format NTSC / PAL adaptive
Video signal 1VPP
Display Screen 3.5 -inch LCD 480 * RGB * 320 (HVGA) resolution , 64K colors
Display Screen Adjustment LCD display brightness, contrast, color saturation adjustable, adjustable backlight brightness
Video Input / Output One -way Video IN BNC input , 1 channel Video OUT BNC output
Video Analysis
Signal strength measurement Video signal level measurement range , display exception information
Video digital zoom Support the \" proper screen \" \"1X\" \"2X\" \"4X\" four kinds of multiples
12V power output
Power Output Output 12V 1A DC power supply for the camera to provide temporary work
Audio Test
Audio Test Input audio signal all the way to test the sound is normal
Video capture , video
Video Screenshot Support the current video screenshot JPG picture
Video Support the current video to avi format
Digital Multimeter
AC / DC voltage 0-660V auto / manual range , the minimum resolution of 0.1mV
AC / DC Current 660uA, 6.6mA, 66mA, 660mA, 10A
Resistance 660, 6.6k, 66k, 660k, 6.6M, 66MΩ
Capacitance Test 6.6nf ~ 66000uF, minimum resolution 1pf
Diode test 0 ~ 2V forward voltage. Minimum resolution 1mV
Lock display Lock the measured value display screen
Difference measurement function Displaying the difference between the results of the first test
Continuity test Less than 50 ohm voice prompts
Test speed 3 times / sec.
Reading range -6600 + 6600
Color Image Generator
Video Signal Generator Through video OUT port , send PAL / NTSC multi-format color graphics of video test signals , supports seven standard
UTP cable test
Cable test Test any two-wire or two-wire cable above , shows the connection of the order number on the screen and the test head
Power supply
External power supply DC 5V (2A)
Battery powered Built-in 3.7V lithium polymer battery , 3000mAh capacity
Charging Charging 3-4 hours, once charging is complete 11 hours of normal use
Power-saving features Low power consumption, automatic standby power-saving features , the battery level icon is displayed in real time
System parameters
Operation Set Chinese , English OSD menu , optional
Automatic shutdown Off / 5-60 minutes
Keyboard sound On / Off
Working environment and specifications
Operating Temperature -30 ° --- + 70 °
Humidity 30% -90 %
Dimensions 175mm x 94mm x 35mm ( no jacket ) / 190mm x 105mm x 45mm ( with sheath )
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Weight 1.000000
With Built-in Battery No
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