YM-350TD LED 350kg Double Door Electromagnetic Lock +delay function


YM-350TD (LED) 350kg Double Door Electromagnetic Lock With delay function

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Product parameters:

Lock Size : Length Width 49x 570x thickness 28 (mm)
Blister Size: 190x 45x wide thickness 11 (mm)
Maximum tension : 350kgx2 (600Lbsx2) straight Rally
Input voltage: DC12V or DC24V +10%
Operating current : 12V/480mA 24V/240mA
Optional Accessories : ABK-350UL ABK-350L ABK-350ZL
Signal Output : Dry contact output , Maximum Power 3A, NO output when locking and unlocking the NC output
LED display : red ( open state ) Green ( locked state )
Delay lock time setting : 0/3/6/9 seconds adjustable
Applicable : Wooden door , glass doors , metal doors, fire doors
Surface temperature: +20 ° below ambient temperature within
Suitable temperature : -10 ~ +55 ° (14-131F)
Suitable Humidity : 0 ~ 95% ( relative humidity )
Shell: Anodized aluminum
Lock body treatment: zinc- plating
Blister treatment: zinc- plating
Product weight : 5kg


350kgx2 (800Lbsx2) Static linear tension
Can set 12VDC or 24VDC
Factory set to 12VDC voltage standard
Built-in reverse current protection devices (MOV)
For wooden doors, glass doors, metal doors, fire doors
LED indicator shows lock status
Lock status signal output (NO \\ NC \\ COM)
Anti- residual magnetism design, selection of materials, anti-wear
Shell is made of high strength aluminum alloy material Anodized
Magnetic lock without mechanical failure , complete with electromagnetic suction work
Increase the electromagnetic suction , professional design, double insulated handle lock body
Products through the EU CE and China MA Certificate

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Weight 8.000000
With Built-in Battery No
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