LED infrared light wide-angle infrared light fill light surveillance camera video camera infrared assist light

LED infrared light / wide-angle infrared light / fill light surveillance camera / video camera infrared assist light
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Infrared light introduction;

The use of infrared light effects and cameras, lenses , protective cover , power supply , and the illuminated object has a direct relationship. Some users are buying finished cameras, lenses , protective cover , power supply, even after installation before considering buying infrared light, which is incorrect and should be in the design of programs on the comprehensive consideration of all the equipment , it will be treated as an infrared illumination night view monitoring systems engineering to design .Recommends that users choose to infrared light-sensitive black and white video cameras and high-quality lenses. Note the contrast with the environment

Infrared light parameters ;

Number of the lamps ; 50 F5 +4 pcs F10 IR
Angle ; 15/30/60/90

Wavelength:Matt 850nm 940nm infrared light can be customized
Distance ; 50 meters , depending on the distance can be 30 meters ( outdoor )

Power consumption: 10W

Structure : All-weather aluminum and reinforced glass with photosensitive
Input Power:DC12V

Features: High efficiency, low power consumption , long life, from the real

1 .Infrared lightLEDTube core technology used in Japan , Taiwan, the famous manufacturer of origin production packaging , quality assurance !
2 .With multiple protection circuit design , a unique circuit design for maximum efficiency playLEDThe luminous power and reduce heat.
3 .Long life: up to10Million hours, an ordinary xenon lamp () Life10-20Times , halogen lamps30-50Times
4 .Strong luminosity : the highest luminosity can be achieved4000 Lumen( Lumens ) .
5 .Appearance of a fully enclosed aluminum structure and tempered glass , simple, elegant , waterproof , anti-corrosion and superior performance. Can better work in a variety of harsh environments.
6 .Built-in high-performance fans , and promote cooling cycle , to further improve the performance of fill light .
7 .Easy installation: always comesUShaped aluminum frame, fixed installation easy .

Infrared light and easy to use , simple operation, strict formulation of corporate standards , with high quality clear performance, fog, snow , rain and weather conditions as well as all black matt , you can get a clear visual images

Users pay attention when using the supply voltage,Voltage is too high to increase the thermal power infrared lamp , infrared lamp voltage is too low results are affected , this product can work under a wide voltage :12VTo14V,It is recommended that users supply,Voltage12V( Positive0.2VTo the negative0.2V

Warranty Conditions:Within one year of the date of sale , in the product description under the regular use of non-human or lightning quality problems, the restaurant will provide users with free maintenance.

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