1 channel video transmitter 1800 m active twisted pair UTP video

1 CH video transmitter 1800 m active twisted pair UTP video
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Single active twisted pair video transmission devices transmission distance: 1800 m 
twisted pair overview: the use of unshielded twisted pair transmitter (UTP: Unshilded Twisted Pair) as the transmission medium, the video signal processing for a pair of equal amplitude, very the opposite sex differential in long-distance video signal transmission. Can choke cable distribution tends to zero, effectively suppress common mode signal. Even in strong interference environments, twisted pair is also capable of delivering excellent image signal. Features: The transmitter into the constitution video image transmission has the following obvious advantages: a) transmission distance, transmission of high quality. As the transmitter uses advanced processing techniques, the video signal amplitude and different frequency amplification and attenuation compensation, maintaining the original image's brightness, color. To achieve good long-distance video signal transmission. b) to facilitate wiring, cable high utilization. Cable has four twisted pairs, all the way to monitor the video signal transmission only a twisted pair can transmit 4 video signals monitoring. Improved cable utilization, reduce the cost of working population 20% -50% range. c) anti-interference ability. Transmitter has excellent anti-jamming capability, without mutual interference between signals, even in strong interference environments, but also transmit good image signal. d) high reliability, ease of use, UTP cable laying cables easier. e) with anti-surge, anti-lightning protection, protection of the security cameras and control equipment used.

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