RFID 125KHz Guard Tour Reader System USB Waterproof + GPRS + Display

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RFID 125KHz Guard Tour Reader System USB Waterproof + GPRS + Display

Product Introduction

  • structure: engineering plastic shell, two-color injection molding, the drop is not damaged; 
  • Reader mode: support the TI-Tagit, ISO15693, ISO14443A/B/C standard; 
  • Language support: supports simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English and other language; 
  • color display: TFT2.4 inch HD TFT display (240 * 320); 
  • intelligent navigation: route navigation, undetected and repeat reader prompts; 
  • project management: to define the parameters of each inspection point convenient data acquisition; 
  • smart tips: humanized project parameters input prompts. (Maximum, minimum); 
  • data accuracy: high-precision data records (extremely-bit); 
  • units defined: 250 units of measurement; 
  • project length: 28 bytes (14 characters) 
  • Power display: a multi-level display of battery power; 
  • browsing data: direct browser, such as data, project information; 
  • early warning function: storage battery warning function; 
  • Keyboard input: full-featured keyboard input; 
  • bulk: the number of stored records 10000; 
  • safety: power-down after the data can be saved 30 years; 
  • communication: GPRS communications, patrol data transmitted in real time


Reader mode EM, TI protocol proximity card
Store the number of records 10000
The number of items of a single point 15 (project name length of 28 bytes)
Maximum input digits of the data value type Decimal point 8 4

The number of units of measurement 250
Reader reaction time <0.1S
Display TFT 2.4 inch 240 * 320 high-definition color screen
Communication baud rate 115200
Data transmission GPRS automatically transferred
Means of communication USB/GPRS
Operating Temperature -40-----+70
Size 170*75*30MM
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