99 channel Wireless Desktop Calling Station +Time & ID Display 10 Remote Control

99 CH Wireless Desktop Calling Station with Time & ID Display 10 Remote Control
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99 channel multi-purpose wireless caller system is designed for restaurants, cafes, bars, tea houses, a leisure club, sauna center, hospitals, banks and other business service establishments, users just to call for customer service by pressing the wireless calling button (of variety of style) on their desktop, the central receiver station will display the ID number of the corresponding call button and their locations immediately and provide corresponding service. The central caller station supports up to 16 kinds of music.

99 channel multi-purpose wireless caller server is using the advanced microcomputer technology and super-learning code chip.


1. cafe: Cafe is a quiet, closed environment, imagine two people in a cup of coffee next to the station an attendant must be very awkward to have the call system allows service personnel to walk away when guests need to add water. a la carte service personnel, and the bill can come at any time.

2. Hospital transfusion hall: hospital infusion hall full of people, we can install the pager each infusion arm of the chair when the need to change the water or the end of infusion-click the pager, the nurse will be able to immediately Come and services.

3. Hotel balcony: more intensive in the box as long as the configuration few attendants will be able to when guests need serving, open the wine, for the disk to be a tissue, and the bill to provide timely service.

4, Warehouses, shops, financial room to install different types of wireless anti-theft detectors: on these occasions and number, respectively, on duty in the duty will be able to monitor these places at any time, you can always know when the event of an alarm at that location is a specific alarm, and immediate past view.


1. transmitter learning the code chip and sound table resonator frequency stabilization circuit, the distance of data transfer, stable and reliable performance.

2, the transmitter uses a PT2240 to learn the code chip, learning to set the number of operating simple, a machine can be equipped with up to 99 wireless transmitters.

3, the receiving host call number and call order, three LED display and built-in speaker voice output (16 kinds of music optional).

4, the host can be adjusted according to the needs of the user's volume.

5, the host screen is cleared and the search function, you can query the number of the top ten calling.

6, the host can be built to 6 on the 7th battery, anti-power outage.

7, call the host also can be used as the site of the 99 alarms, for example, can be equipped with a frequency-standard wireless infrared wireless door sensor, wireless smoke sensors, wireless emergency button, the wireless vibration sensor, etc., when they alarm immediately display of digital and on-site audible alarm (siren )

Technical parameter of Caller Station
  • LED display
  • Time display
  • Working voltage:DC12V
  • Working frequency:315.433.92MHz
  • Quiescent current:10mA
  • Sensitivity:>-108dBm
  • Encoded mode:studying code
  • Modulation Method:Amplitude modulation OOK
  • Working temperature:-10~+50
  • Size:200*123*35mm

Technical parameter of Remote Control
  • Working voltage:12V/23A (battery)
  • Working frequency:315/433.92MHz
  • Quiescent current:15-40mA
  • Encoded mode:Studying code.landorpad encoded
  • Modulation Method:Amplitude modulation OOK)
  • Working temperature:-10~+70
  • Size:85*37*16mm
  • Transmitting distance: 1000m (in the open area)

This is 1000 meters a key wireless call button (call a key / auto learn code function)


  • Caller Station x 1
  • Power Adapter x 1
  • Remote Control x 10 ( each with base )


  • Model: AW40B


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