NFC RFID 13.56MHZ-ISO14443A-MF1S50 phone tag RFID chips


NFC RFID 13.56MHZ-ISO14443A-MF1S50 phone tag RFID chips

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Simple installation method NFC tags

Generally speaking , the different methods of operation NFC tag is slightly different, here is what xperia smart NFC tag method of operation.

1 first is to download NFC tag writer \u0026 reader of this program , you need to pay attention to this paragraph NFC tags can be repeated many people using it . Such as with a label different phone set different actions , then the reality of the effect is different.

(2) Then open the software , since the first use is required to activate the . So click on write, and select the new label website URL will fill in. Due to the different labels its website is different, so Xiaobian here is not too much introduction.

3 Then click again to write, and in the back of the phone for NFC tags accepted until showing writing tag has been writen information , this time you made your own NFC tags to complete. How about ? Is not it simple? Go and try it.

If you need more , see the following description

Chang Kai Yue NFC RFID Specifications:

Product Brand Kai Yue
Product Name NFC mobile payment tags
Product parameters
Model KLNFC25
Type High-frequency electronic tags
Product physical parameters
Common sizes 25x25mm, 29x29mm,23mx45mmEtc. , or on-demand customization
Substrate material PVC / Paper / PET / anti-metal layer / 3M adhesive
Antenna Material Etched aluminum
Product Environmental Index
Operating Temperature . -25-55 °
Storage Temperature . -20-65 °
Product performance parameters
Agreement ISO14443 or other
Operating Frequency 13.56MHz
Power Supply Passive card
Standard ISO14443
Chip 1k compatible , 4k compatible ,desfire,
ultralightAnd other types of chips )
Memory 512 (bits), 1kByte, 4kByte
Operating Mode Can read and write
They use life \u003e 10 years
Read and write times 100,000
Reading distance About 3 ~ 10cm( Depending on the operating environment and reader
Personalization process Printing logo
Printed water code
UID code to write code
Laser yards
Laser Pattern
3M adhesive
Anti-metal layer
Metal Environment Metal surfaces ; mobile phone back cover outside ; inside back cover ; other carriers ;
Product commercial applications Mobile Wallet ( mobile payment )
Smart Posters
Electronic coupons
Electronic Tickets
Vending machine
Parking meter
Access Control System
Bus, subway system
Member refill consumption management
Personnel identification /Product Identification Management
Product Series NFC mobile payment tags
NFC payment tag
Payment frequency tag
ultralightNFC tag
1kNFC electronic tags
4kNFC electronic tags
NXPdesfireNFC tag
Other related products NFC Epoxy cards
NFC mobile phone pendant
RFID tags
UHF tags ,
FID keychain ,
RFID Epoxy Card

Function 1: automatically turn navigation mode

Function 2: wake-up alarms
Function Three: conference mode

Function Four: phone card by bus
PowerCan be five : as electronic wallets

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