Surveillance Camera LED light 150 m distance power infrared light infrared light shield

Surveillance Camera LED light 150 m distance power infrared light infrared light shield
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The infrared light and easy to use , simple operation, and taking into account existing market users and the various factors , rigorous formulation of corporate standards , with high quality clear performance, fog, snow , rain and weather conditions as well as all black matt , you can get a clear visual images.

LED infrared lamps, wicks using Japanese technology , Taiwan's leading manufacturer of in situ production of packaging , quality assurance

Outdoor visible distance : 150 meters
Lamp Quantity : 25 high power lamp
Angle : 15 ° / 30 °
Wavelength : 850nm
Weight : 2.5kg
Power : DC12V/1500mA

Power: 30W

Structure : All-weather aluminum and reinforced glass ,With photosensitive
Input power : DC12V
Features: High efficiency, low power consumption , long life, from the real

The use of infrared light effects and cameras, lenses , protective cover , power supply , and the illuminated object has a direct relationship. Some users are buying finished cameras, lenses , protective cover , power supply, even after installation before considering buying infrared light, which is incorrect and should be in the design of programs on the comprehensive consideration of all the equipment , it will be treated as an infrared illumination night view monitoring systems engineering to design . Recommends that users choose to infrared light -sensitive black and white video cameras and high-quality lenses. Note the use of the environment contrasts.

The mounting plate , adjust the head angle of the infrared light irradiation range of the camera 's viewfinder range, connect the power supply voltage polarity when the attention .

Note: When users attention supply voltage , the voltage is too high to increase the thermal power of infrared light , the voltage is too low the effect of infrared light is affected , the product can work under a wide voltage : 12V to 14V, it is recommended users supply voltage of 12V ( positive minus 0.2V to 0.2V).

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