Passive Video Balun transceiver 201 c Passive twisted pair Video Balun a pair

Passive Video Balun transceiver 201 c Passive twisted pair Video Balun a pair
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Passive conductor effective transmitter series, the effective transmission distance300 meters.Super five types of network cable 300 meters can transmit video signal. 1 Internet line can be 4 set of video transmission, low engineering cost.

The characteristics and application of video twisted-pair transmission

Twisted pair has a long history of interference in many industrial control systems and larger space and long-distance transmission using twisted pair, we are today widely used LAN is using twisted pair.Twisted-pair cable is so widely used, because it has a strong anti-jamming capability, long transmission distance, easy wiring, low cost and many other advantages.Twisted pair also exist bigger attenuation of signal, video signal if directly within the twisted-pair transmission, will decay is very big, so the video signal on the twisted-pair cable to realize long distance transmission, amplification and compensation must be conducted, twisted pair video transmission equipment is to complete this function.Coupled with a pair of twisted pair video transceiver equipment, image can be transmitted to the 1800 meters.Twisted-pair and twisted pair video transmission equipment prices are very cheap, not only did not increase the system cost, but the distance is increased compared with the coaxial cable of the decline in the cost of its a lot of.So, security monitoring, multimedia network teaching system using twisted-pair transmission has its own advantages:

1, long transmission distance, high image quality.Because in the twisted pair transceiver is installed with advanced processing technology, offers an excellent compensation to the twisted pair of video signal amplitude attenuation, and the attenuation difference between different frequency, keep the original image brightness and color and real-time performance, the transmission distance of 1800 meters, the basic image signal without distortion.

2, convenient wiring, cable utilization rate is high.Building buildings widely laying of category 5 unshielded twisted pair take a pair of can transmit a video signal, no additional wiring, even rewiring, five types of cable than the coaxial cable of the convenient also.In addition, a 5 class has 4 of twisted pair cable, if you use a pair of wire transmission of video signals, the other a few on the line can also be used to transmit audio signals and control signals, power supply, or other, improve the utilization rate of the cable at the same time to avoid the various signal separate wiring trouble, reduce engineering cost.

3, strong anti-jamming capability.Twisted-pair cable can effectively restrain common mode interference, even in strong jamming environment, twisted pair also can transmit great picture signal.And, to use a line in a few of twisted-pair transmission of different signals respectively, each other interference will not occur.

4, high reliability, significantly improve the brightness of the image and clarity, easy to use.Using twisted pair video transmission signal, on the front end to access a dedicated converter, the control center to access special receivers.This kind of twisted pair transmission equipment cheap, it is very easy to use, no need professional knowledge, also do not have too many operations, an installation, working stably and reliably for a long time.

5, the price is cheap, conveniently.Due to the use of 5 class is currently widely used ordinary not shielded cable, buy easily, and the price is very cheap, to bring great convenience for engineering applications.

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