ADSL splitter filter MODEM Broadband cat adsl broadband phone line splitter splitter

ADSL splitter filter MODEM / Broadband cat adsl broadband phone line splitter splitter
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ADSL splitter function:

separate telephone line for voice signal and ADSL data signal , reducing the noise of ADSL data signal to the telephone call quality.

If the phone is only a part of how part of the machine and machine installed ADSL splitter , other extensions when used more than noise and ADSL will be dropped , so that every part of the machine should have installed an ADSL splitter .

Instructions for use:

LINE phone line , MODEM then ADSL cat , PHONE connected telephones .

Product Features:
ADSL services for a telephone line , the voice signal may be low and high frequency data signal separation, so that the same line of transmission interference. And can solve the high-frequency loss due to the static part of the telephone , causing ADSL uplink , downlink rate of decline , and frequent disconnection etc.

1 , the Internet phone calls, phone has noise
2 , when the Internet call easily dropped , a separator for a telephone , a few extensions to install several separators ensure that no hanging wire ! ! !

3 , the separation of the three ports: a telephone line into an ADSL, a telephone connection .

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