4800mAh 12V high capacity lithium battery lithium surveillance cameras

4800mAh 12V high capacity lithium battery lithium surveillance cameras
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** Battery NOW can only be shipped via surface mail that requires 2 months to arrive. This is due to the forbidden of battery from air mail. If you have concern on delivery time, please DO NOT order from us **

Product belongs Name:4800mAhHigh capacity lithium battery

Product Overview:

model (MODEL): T-1248MA
Input voltage (INPUT): 12.6 VDC
Output voltage (OUTPUT) :12.6-10 .8 VDC 4800MAH

Wireless camera, personal treatment system , PDA personal data assistant , personal communication systems, radio , digital cameras , camcorders , video cameras, Bluetooth devices , CD players , MD players, portable DVD, MP3 players, smart cards, aviation model, etc. 12V power supply can be used in various fields.

Product Configuration :
Rechargeable lithium battery (12V/4800mA) a
Charging a transformer

1, the use of this product, please connect the device, and then power work.
2, the front and rear end portions , respectively, please use the appropriate power supply , please refer to product power connector on the tips.
3 , is strictly prohibited this product to rain water on the other construction materials , super wave, ultra- high-temperature environment on the product work will be affected.
4 , this product will produce fever is a normal phenomenon .
5, the appearance of the product , if different , please prevail in kind received .

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