New generation video surveillance Tester Multimeter upgraded version multifunctional engineering treasure N94


New generation of video surveillance Tester Multimeter upgraded version multifunctional engineering treasure N94

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Product parameters
Product Type N94
Video signal test
Video System NTSC / PAL automatically adapt
Video Signal 1Vpp
Display 3.5 -inch LCD, 480 * RGB * 320 (HVGA) resolution , 64K colors
Display adjustment LCD display 's brightness, contrast , color saturation adjustable backlight brightness adjustable
Video Input / Output 1 channel Video IN BNC input, 1 channel Video OUT BNC output
Signal strength measurement Video signal level measurement range display exception information
Video Digital Zoom Support the appropriate screen 1X 2X 4X four kinds of multiples
12V power output
Power Output Output 12V 1A DC power supply for the camera to provide temporary work
Audio Test
Audio Test Input audio signal all the way to test sound is normal
Video capture , video
Video screenshot Support the current video screenshot JPG picture
Video Support the current video to avi format
Digital Multimeter
AC / DC voltage 0-660V auto / manual range , minimum resolution of 0.1mV
AC / DC current 660uA, 6.6mA, 66mA, 660mA, 10A
Resistance 660, 6.6k, 66k, 660k, 6.6M, 66M
Capacitance Test 6.6nf ~ 66000uF, minimum resolution 1pf
Diode test 0 ~ 2V forward voltage. Minimum resolution 1mV
Lock display Lock the measured value display
Difference measurement function Display the difference between the results of the first test
Continuity test Less than 50 European voice prompts
Test speed 3 times / sec
Reading range -6600 ~ +6600
Color image generator
Video signal generator Through the video OUT port, send PAL / NTSC multi-system color graphics video test signals , supports seven modes.
UTP cable test
Network Cable Tester Test any two lines or two lines above the line on the screen display and the network cable connection sequence number
Power supply
External power supply DC 5V (2A)
Battery-powered Built-in 3.7V lithium polymer battery , Capacity 3000mAh
Charging Charging 3-4 hours on a single charge to complete 11 hours of normal use
Power Saving Function Low power consumption , auto standby power-saving features , the battery icon is displayed in real time
System Parameters
Operation Settings Chinese , English OSD menu, optional
Auto Standby Off / 5-60 minutes
Keyboard Sound On / Off
Working environment and specifications
Operating Temperature -30 ° --- +70 °
Humidity 30% -90 %
Dimensions 170mm x 99mm x 48mm / 293g
1.3.5 inch LCD, 480 * RGB * 320 (HVGA) resolution , 64K color display camera images New
N94Video monitor tester , using a 3.5-inch large-screen digital LCD monitor , 480 * RGA * 320 (HVGA) resolution , 64K colors,
Display area wider clearer, more intuitive and easily display the camera image effects. LCD monitor brightness, contrast,
Adjustable color saturation , brightness adjustable backlighting for field construction and maintenance.
2 New Video Digital Zoom
You can display the contents of the video in the digital zoom ( appropriate screen, a 1x, 2x , 3x , 4x four kinds of magnification ) , the user can locally
Details to see more clearly , for example, the corners of the camera focus blurring common situation can be observed in detail enlarge
3 video capture , video New
Content of the video image taken down, save as jpG or video files , through the tester playback or download to watch on your computer ; construction
Personnel can show these pictures and video camera has been installed correctly , install effect meets the requirements, to shorten the settlement cycle
4 built-in memory, New
Random tester comes with a large -capacity internal memory , images and videos for easy storage
5 the video signal strength measurement
N94Video monitor tester , added a video signal strength measurement , test video signal is attenuated or too high. Since video video signal
Cable too long will cause signal attenuation , attenuation of the video signal will cause the image to be dim , reduce image dynamic range ; such as a video signal is too strong , it will
Resulting virtual shadow, reducing image sharpness. The instrument of the video signal measurements , real-time display of the video signal level value ,
If out of range , the instrument will prompt screen information display .
6 . Multi-system image to send the color bar generator , inspection and monitoring transmission channel
N94Via video OUT port, send a variety of formats (PAL, NTSC) color graphics , graphics section are: white, yellow, blue, green, pink,
Red, blue , black and a total of eight colors , through the monitoring center of the monitor is receiving color graphics section to determine whether the normal video channel transmission,
Meanwhile, through the monitoring center receives color graphics section , you can determine whether it is because there is attenuation or interference caused by transmission color deviation . The device is also
Video OUT port can send a color pattern , while the IN port receives and displays for video transmission of the field tests ,
Such as video Optical, video cables, etc. .
7.12V power output, power supply for the camera
N94Video monitor tester specifically designed for the camera's power supply of 12V 1A output port , to provide temporary power supply for the camera .
Some cameras are mainly used in the field demonstration and testing , meanwhile, will need to install the camera for some venues , because the project before the implementation of
Live without power , we must find a temporary power supply for the camera , the power output of the instrument played a necessary role .
8 . Audio function to test the front end audio equipment sound is normal
N94Video monitor tester audio test function, you can monitor the front end of the video pickup and other audio equipment to be tested.
9 . Ball machine or decoder PTZ control
N94Video monitor tester built Pelco-D / P, SAMSUNG, Panasonic , etc. dozen PTZ control protocol, through its own
RS485 or RS232 interface , the user can control the PTZ up, down , left, right turn , and adjust one machine zoom , focus, aperture size.
10 . Preset settings , call balls and machine parameter settings
N94Video monitor tester PTZ preset and recall function , the current state of the ball machine head horizontal angle , tilt angle and
Camera lens focal length positional parameters saved to the instrument, but also able to pass the instrument quickly recall presets .
LS-L84 video monitor tester called fast ball through the preset main menu , edit the parameters of the ball machine .
11 . PTZ address scanning capabilities to help engineers find the address fastball
N94Video monitor tester unique address scanning feature, you can quickly help engineers find fastball address. Maintenance works for a
These need to maintain fastball , fastball may not know the address , if you want to remove the fastball to check , the workload is relatively large.
LS-L84 separate scanning capabilities that can help engineers find the ball machine address.
12 . UTP cable test
N94The unique cable test function, through the instrument of UTP Cable Test test port , you can test a variety of network cable connection
( Any two lines or two lines or more ) , and even a variety of video surveillance project RJ45 connector , can be quickly and accurately displayed. Simple, convenient and practical.
N94Also the cabling project splitter, it only shows UTP network cable connection, but also shows the cable number, engineers can
Enough to accurately determine and mark the lines of the start and end positions , resulting in complicated cable heap quickly straighten network cable .
13 . Data capture function
Instrument can be captured via RS485/RS232 interfaces sent from the keyboard or DVR control protocol code, test monitoring center room to send over
The PTZ control command data is received correctly , verify RS485/RS232 data transmission.
14 . Polymer lithium battery and DC 5V external power supply , battery power display real-time graphics
Using large-capacity 3000mAh polymer lithium battery -powered, more secure and reliable , more stable performance . Charging time is short,
Battery charging time 4 hours , while the instrument for up to 11 hours of continuous work .
15 . English menu , simple operation
Chinese and English operation interface , the instrument supports seven languages used, including Chinese , English, French, German, Italian,
Spanish, Russian ; instrument operation menu and friendly , simple, elegant , easy to use .
16 full-function high-precision digital multimeter
This instrument is built and stable performance , high reliability, 33 / 4 ( 6600 count ) digital multimeter , clear reading, can be used to measure DC
Voltage, AC voltage , DC current , AC current, resistance measurements , continuity test , diode measurement , capacitance measurement, automatic / manual range
Conversion, the difference measurement and lock , fully functional, high measuring accuracy , ease of use , and a multimeter measuring circuit with other electrical tester
Part of the circuit isolation , safe and reliable LS-L84 built-in professional digital multimeter is suitable for engineering staff on security systems in weak and strong electrical testing,
And maintenance personnel on equipment maintenance measurements.
Engineering treasure video monitor testerN94, 3.5 -inch screen, Chinese full version , full-function high-precision digital multimeter
Video monitor testerN94, Built-in full-featured digital multimeter , 3.5 -inch large -screen high- definition display , clear reading , 33/ 4
( 6600 count ) professional digital multimeter can be used to measure DC voltage , AC voltage , DC current , AC current, resistance measurements , continuity test
Test , diode measurement , capacitance measurement, automatic / manual range conversion, the difference measurement and lock , fully functional, high measurement accuracy , easy to use.
Security monitoring project , the use of optical fiber communication to solve the transmission channels of video surveillance has been more and more common , N94 can test the security system
The optical transmission channel systems , video and PTZ control, and precision digital multimeter to measure strong electrical parts , which can be more perfect to maintain ,
Front-end monitoring equipment installed . This instrument is a multi-functional portable test instrument for monitoring project 's installation , maintenance, and equipment maintenance , etc.
Professional design ; touch-type buttons, feel better ; Immersion Gold process , the key is more sensitive, and durable.
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