High Accurate Digital Calculated Distance Measuring Wheel for Range Golf Path


High Accurate Digital Calculated Distance Measuring Wheel for Range Golf Path

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A,wheelDigital display(electronic)rangingSmall wheel diameter (160 mm)

Product features:  

         This series wheeled range finder is a suitable for long distance measuring tool that is widely used in traffic field measurement, the common building, family, garden measurement, paved roads, sports venues, garden curved road measurement, the measurement of the power supply poling, flowers and trees planted, also applies to count items such as the field for a walk.Is the value of the countMeasuring wheel, using high and new technology, give humanized design, durable and convenient, lightweight design of the field operation personnel is very convenient to carry and greatly reduces the work level of fatigue.

Product features:
A, the wheels adopt new ABS engineering plastics manufacturing, sturdy, intensity degrees, the edge of the wheel is made of super wear-resisting rubber manufacture,The wheel edgeThe rear supporting foot rackCan be closed or open, stable and reliable, it is more convenient to use (do not use hands, with their feet to open),Push rod with brand new high quality aluminum alloy manufacture, strong and durable, never rust,Telescopic handle structure, adjustable lock button can be arbitrary length lock, upscale bag, need not when can slip into the package, easy to carry, easy to carry;
B,High quality precision design, small, lightweight, durable, single operation and automatically record walking distance, if more steps operators can correct, easy to use as long as the reset button and then click the counter measure forward count back to reduce;
C,Handle with LCD screenDisplay (The screen can display six figures built-in light emitting device is easy to use) in the evening,Reading is more convenient,   
D, distance is also known as mechanical rangefinder, digital display range and measure the chakras, widely used in professional surveying and mapping work, road engineering, pipeline engineering, wire and cable engineering construction, measurement and evaluation of the construction survey of the botanical garden landscape and golf course, traffic accidents from the location of the measurement, and the measurement of the construction and management of farmland, etc.  

The key instructions:

ON/OFF key (open) : open or shut OFF the power.

M/ft (metric/inch) : when a system is selected, will display the related symbols;M is, the ft said feet.
SM (data storage key) : press this button to store measured data.It will show different M1, M2, M3, M4, M5. (See PIC 1) the instrument can record five groups of measuring data in the measurement process, when after the determination of a set of data, press this button once, the screen will be corresponding record M1 as the first set of data, and so on, a total of five sets of data.

RM (data read key) : the key corresponding to the keys and SM, to read data button, after have the corresponding data record, click this button to read any data stored in the M1 to M5, example: M1 for 5 m in m2 storage 10 m, and the current measured data is 120.7 m, when once you press the RM button, it will show the M1 data, and the "R" logo on the right corner.After a few seconds, the display will be back on the M2 stored data (See PIC 2), if you press the RM button twice, it shows the M2 stored data, on the right corner of a "R" logo.After a few seconds, the display will be back on display the current measured data.(See PIC 2)
 The CLR (data reset button) : when the data error or needs to be measured, click this button to reset.

Note: we have 2 kinds of packaging, is a kind of export packaging in English, one kind is YunCheng brand packaging, we send the default YunCheng brand, if YunCheng brand is not available, just of export packaging in English (enclosed instructions in Chinese), our guarantee, quality, the same!!!!!!!!!!The kiss, please rest assured to buy!!!!If you have any question welcome consultation.

Second, the wheelDigital display(electronic)Ranging the big wheel diameter (320 mm)

Three,Folding wheel mechanical rangefinder wheel(320 mm) in diameter

 Warm prompt: 

1, don't measure in the rain for a long time, so as not to cause the screen into the water, unable to display;
2, don't in the environment of high temperature measurement. Don't keep in high temperature place;
3, do not use this instrument for children's toys to avoid unnecessary damage.


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