Bolt Lock DIY Kit w Rugged Alloy PIN + RFID 125 Khz Keypad + Cards + Door Bell


Bolt Lock DIY Kit w Rugged Alloy PIN + RFID 125 Khz Keypad + Cards + Door Bell

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A single monolock suit product list as follows:

1, the entrance guard X1 inductor

2, two line electric mortise lock X1

3, 3, a special power X1 entrance guard

4, 12 v form a complete set of entrance guard electronic doorbell X1

5, push button X1

6 X10, ID entrance guard brand card

This configuration can be installed, security doors, steel doors, wooden door, glass door (glass package edge) with or without frame.


Product introduction:

  • In pieces by card or card + password authentication
  • Pieces have door state monitoring, tamper function
  • Mixer appearance design is novel, the style of the mercedes-benz: luxury, atmosphere, stable, safe
  • The shell metal, waterproof and design
  • Buttons backlight, it is more convenient to use
  • In pieces thoroughly solve metal shielding of card reader read card
  • Mixer card read distance of 5 cm
  • Especially suitable for top-grade: such as high-grade office buildings;
  • High safety: bank, prison, etc
  • Support 125 KHZ EM in pieces

Technical parameters

  • EM or compatible EM card card types
  • Should the amount of 1000 users
  • Authentication card, card + password
  • Support card frequency of 125 KHZ
  • Card induction distance 30 ~ 80 mm
  • Working voltage dc 12 V
  • The working current < 120 ma
  • Gate voltage dc 12 v relay work
  • Power consumption 1.44 W
  • The keyboard 12 key
  • Light is a double color LED lights status indication
  • Working temperature - 20 ° to 60 ° C C
  • Color silver, mirror reflection
  • Shell: metal shell (zinc alloy)
  • Size: 128 x 82 x 28 mm


1, electronic lock, the installation process requires ShouQiangZuan, electric tools such as polishing machine, and form a complete set of tools such as chisels, openings for, also need to have simple circuit diagram

Solution ability, so need professional or experienced personnel to install.

2, to kiss you before buying, please put you want to install the door of the multiple perspectives of shoot a few pictures sent to our online customer service, in order to determine whether appropriate installation.

3, if after the purchase, due to not install or other product quality lead to return, need to bear the freight back and forth (or no outer packing can't install

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