HT-8080-9 wireless passive infrared intrusion detector high-power infrared sensor

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HT - 8080-9 wireless passive infrared intrusion detector high-power infrared sensor

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Product synopsis:

hT- 8080-9 wireless passive infrared intrusion detector, the infrared sensor signal processing chip, the dual pyroelectric sensors, Fresnel lens, digital coding transmission circuit, power supply (AC/DC), USES the integrated design, stable and reliable, strong anti-jamming capability.Detector to detect the human body thermal infrared radiation of the invaders, launched by means of wireless transmission to the alarm host.

Main functions:

1, the infrared target detection alert activities within the scope of the human body, transmit digital code signal, alarm in wireless transmission way;   
2, single and double pulse choice, SMT process, to eliminate the detector cannot overcome interference, only to the human body movement to call the police, the rate of false positives is extremely low, reliability;
3, light resistance, heat flow, the electromagnetic radiation interference, pet;   
4, firing circuit adopts the high quality crystal, unstable frequency drift, launch distance;    
5, wide Angle detection, three adjustable sensitivity and detection distance;   
6, detectors and alarm host can automatically to code, users do detector is simple and fast;   
7, straight dual-use, daily communication power supply, power switch dc power supply.
Technical parameters:
model HT - 8080-9 -
The name of the Wireless passive infrared intrusion detectors
Detection methods Passive infrared detection
Detection range 8 to 12 meters (room temperature 25 °)
Detection Angle 110 °
The sensitivity High, medium and low three gears
Launch distance From 500 to 1000 meters (open)
Transmission frequency 315 MHZ or 315 MHZ
Working voltage AC, 220 v + 15% for 50 hz DC: 7 section 7 battery
The static current 100 mu A or less
Emission current 20 ma, or less
Working temperature - 10 ° to 40 °
The installation height 1.8 ~ 2.2 meters (wall-mounted installation)
Scope of application indoor
Product size 56 mm * 66 mm * 122 mm
When installation should pay attention to the items:

1, the installation:Install the probe inside about 2 meters from the ground (installed in the Windows or doors on the side of the wall, let a person horizontally across the probe detection area), the monitoring window on monitoring sites.To host plugged in, the initialization (protection lamp shining) the alert in a minute."Protection" indicator light into Chang Liang, illegal invasion, detecting light is shining, and the police sirens screeched, dial the preset good alarm telephone number at the same time.To deter the alarm sound warning scare off the intruder.If no manual operation, the machine will automatically stop the machine alarm about 5 minutes. 
2, protection:
Press "protection" button, the host after the prompt, enter the protection state, someone into the alarm.
3, removal:
Press "removal" button, the host after the prompt, enter the state machine, someone get the alarm (emergency alarm button still works).
4, emergency alarm:
When faced with emergencies such as robbery, press the "emergency" button, no matter in what state, immediately issued a report to the police.
(please read specific suit configuration instructions)

That should be paid attention to when using the contents:

  1, do not put the probe pointed directly at the sun or bright light, also do not install the probe in a windy place (such as the balcony, air vents);            
2, do not put detectors installed outdoors;
3, the alert area of don't produce the high temperature objects;
4, often should walk test for the machine;
5 please replace the battery, remote control distance.


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