Ten to play wireless burglar alarm HT-719 B10 alarm system

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Ten to play wireless burglar alarm HT - 719 (B10) alarm system

Product synopsis:

HT - 719 (B10) 10 zone wireless alarm system, using imported microcomputer control device, advanced full digital wireless information transmission technology.The system has stable performance, simple installation, everyone can use.Widely used in the cluster households, detached wing of guard against theft, snatch, etc.According to user needs, a host configuration of multiple wireless emergency button, indicator light 10 protection zones show different alarm position, timely and accurate, can be installed 6 section 5 rechargeable batteries for electric, security provides a full range of protection for your property.

The factory configuration:HT - 719 (B10) host 1 (for electricity), HT - YK1000 emergency button 1 only
Main functions:
1, an emergency button can trigger ten of the same code alarm at the same time.
2, 10 wireless sector alarm indication, alarm position accurately in a timely manner.
3, a panel protection, buttons machine, do not need to remote control to control the host cloth/removal, convenient and practical.
4 with loud speaker, continuous adjustable volume.
5, ac/dc, ac power to work as usual.
6, good appearance and chic, desktop, wall can be installed.
Technical parameters:
model HT - 719 (B10)
The name of the Wireless burglar alarm system
Number of sectors 10 wireless sector
The wireless receiving distance 500-1000 meters (open)
Wireless receive frequency 315 MHZ (433 MHZ optional), digital encoding
Protection way Electricity automatic protection, panel key/removal
Alarm time 5 minutes
Alarm loudness 90 db or higher, large volume, small coke to adjust
The power supply voltage AC, 220 V + 15% for 50 hz DC: 1.2 V x 6 number 5 dry cell
The static current 20 ma, or less
The alarm current 150 ma or less
Using the environment Ambient temperature: - 10 ° to 40 ° relative humidity of 80% or less
installation Desktop, wall hung
Scope of application indoor
Product size 170 mm x 130 mm x 50 mm(not including antenna)
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