Burglar alarm HT-8080-8 BUS BUS system infrared intrusion detectors

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Burglar alarm HT - 8080-8 (BUS) BUS system, the infrared intrusion detectors

Product synopsis:

HT - 8080-8 (B) cable invasion of passive infrared detectors, by special infrared sensor signal processing chip, the dual pyroelectric sensor, the main components of Fresnel lens.Low power circuit design, the use of patch technology production, stable and reliable, strong anti-jamming capability.Is adjustable in three gears, used for indoor detect intruders infrared radiation human body, and the invasion of trigger the alarm signal by wire transfer.

Main functions:

1 and activities within the scope of the human body target detection alarm information transmitted by way of the cable.
2, low power consumption circuit design, green environmental protection;By the host to multiple detector power supply at the same time, do not need to independent power supply.
3, effectively resistance to light, heat flow, the electromagnetic radiation interference, pet.
4, automatic temperature compensation, high detection sensitivity.
5, three detection sensitivity adjustment.
Within 6, security protection, when the detectors are demolished, with automatic alarm host transfer tamper alarm signal.

Technical parameters:


model HT - 8080-8 (B)
The name of the Low power cable invasion of passive infrared detectors
Detection range 8 to 12 m.
Detection Angle 84 °
Detection sensitivity With high, medium and low three levels (H - L)
Pulse choice 1 (weak) / 2 (strong)
The static current 5 ma
The alarm current 10 ma,
Working voltage DC 10-14 v
Working temperature - 10 ° ~ 35 °
Scope of application indoor
Product size 116 mm * 61 mm * 50 mm
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