HDMI RCA Connector head HDMI AV converter analog signal to AV HDMI hd adapter

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HDMI RCA Connector, head of the HDMI AV converter analog signal to AV HDMI hd adapter


1, the product features

Play depending on science and technologyPlayvision HD M610Is aHDMIturnCVBSA Signal converter, but willHDMIIs converted to a digital signalav(CVBS) and the composite video signalFL/FRStereo audio signal, so that customers will be high qualityHDMIAudio signal into ordinary TV,VHSGreen, projector,DVDThe VCR, etc., Can be receivedCVBSSignal (standard resolution480 I, 576 I,) supportNTSC/PALTwo company 's formats

Product Features:

1.willHDMIHigh - definition signals throughSCALE DOWNVideo processing conversion576 I,480 I(PAL/NTSC) the video signal output;

2.Automatic identificationHDCPTo the frontHDMIHave theThe KEY (HDCP)Forced to lift;

3.willHDMIDigital audio, passing byDACD/a chip into processingAudioAnalog stereo;

4.Using the most advanced video processing technology, the image brightness, contrast and color enhancement processing.

5.After conversionCVBSEffect TouLiangDu dye - in - the - wood (unlike previous generationHDMIturnCVBSTheCVBSSignals have a hazy feeling)

Products adopt technical characteristics is introduced:

1.There is no power supplyThe MINIVolume(small)

Using a new generation of low power consumption digital processing chip.24A Small non - stop work and calorific value is not big, work stability

2.usingThe 3 dThe Compensation technology;Effectively eliminate the dithering and trailing fast moving picture

4.Using theScalerVideo processing technology:The hdHDMIThe signal afterScaler DownConverted toCVBSThe output


The inputHDMIDigital audio signal, throughDACD/a chip, converted into analog audio


2And the product specifications

1)The Hardware switch, plug-in and play, no software driver

2)Compatible withHDMI1.3

3)The supportNTSCwithPalTwo kinds of system output

4)A set ofHDMIThe input;A set ofavThe output;A set of stereo output;

A.Inputs:-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- HDMI 1 xThe road input;

B.Video output terminals: -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- VIDEO 1 xLk output

C.Analog audio output terminals-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- L/R x 1Lk output

5) HDMIInput formats:480 p,576 I, 576 p, 720 p, 1080 p @ 60 hz

At the same time compatibleDVIMode:800 x600, 1024 x768, 800 x720, 1024 x1024,1920 x1080 / @ 60 hzSeveral patterns to the as

avVideo output:480 I,576 I(optional)

Audio output: left and right channel (L/R)

The Appearance of The size:(D) 66 x20 x55 (W) (H) mm

3The application platform:

1) the KTVThen

The hdHDMISignals, access system, ordinary resulting from the conversionavSignal, easy to transport the received the small TV

2)Important meeting system, the individual platform

After the high - definition camera hdHDMIAfter the converter switching signal, and then through the from card to the computer system, is advantageous for the long short remote transmission

3)Level of civil industry:

The Hd player barge,DVD,The Set top boxes, andThe PS3, XBOX360Blu-ray machine, etc., connected to the ordinary TV after conversionavInterface to watch

HDMI to AV switch will be high - definition HDMI signal turn to general use on the television.

  • Input HDMI signal formats: 480 I / 60 hz, 480 p / 60 hz, 576 I / 60 hz, 576 p / 60 hz, 720 p50/60 hz, 1080 i50/60 hz, 1080 p50/60 hz.
  • The output signal: CVBS Vpp (1.0), S - Video (Vpp, C Y: 1.0:1.0 Vpp).
  • The output video format: PAL, NTSC.
  • Video signal output impedance matching: 75 ohms.
  • Compatible with the HDCP protocol.
  • Power supply: DC5V.


Using a small tip:
DTS and RAW source code decoding

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