HDMI3 into 1 out a toggle switch 2 to 1 sanjin into 2 support 3 d 1080 +remote control


HDMI3 into 1 out of a toggle switch 2 to 1 sanjin into 2 support 3 d 1080 with remote control

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 Product features:

   This is a small high-performance HDMI switcher, export sales have been for eight years, the quality performance is very stable, all our products are all exported through export certification, with makings fastidious, fine workmanship.This unique product design, exquisite appearance.Multichannel input at the same time connected to a high-definition display devices (such as the PS3 and hd set-top boxes, output hd audio/video signals to a high-definition television).It has good compatibility, compatibility with blu-ray DVD, satellite TV, PS3, blu-ray player,Xbox360,Hd-dvd, SKY - STB, PS3, Xbox6 etc....Resolution of 1080 p, it not only has the button switch, also includes a remote control switch and intelligent recognition, that is to say, as long as you are in the signal source equipment on the power switch, the realization of the switches will automatically switch.With infrared receiver extender, convenient manipulation.

The product quality is stable (* ATC certification testing center through the HDMI association; * through the HDMI specification authentication; attach * through the UL certification specifications; attach * by the European Union (weee& ROHS environmental specifications attach)


Support HDMI 1.3 b. fully support 1080 p, support 12 - bit/ch pixels

This mini HDMI switcher has many features, outstanding performance.You will find in these features:
1. Support HDMI1.3 b
2. Support 12 b - bit darker resolution (1080 p);
3. Support per channel 12 bit darker (all channel bit 36);
4. Support the high performance transmission rate (2.5 Gbps);
5. Switches on both ends of the support 25 m long HDMI cable;
6. Without power supply (if the input device is a standard requires power supply)


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